Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Experimenting with an Apple Blossom Dream Pillow

I've been experimenting with an
"Apple Blossom Dream Pillow"

I'm playing with a variation of my granny rose pattern from here.

A 3-D leaf row has been added,

and a variation of the border pattern from here.

This is the other side:

One big 3-D leafed granny rose square.

The back side of the border.

The enclosure.

I'm hoping to write this pattern some day...

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
Any recommended color combinations?

I'm still crocheting like crazy but the remodeling of our new home in
 Stjernedal (Star Valley) has kept me from blogging!
I will blog about that some day too...

I miss blogging and I miss my blog friends!