Saturday, November 17, 2012

Norsk Blogging Venn

Nearly two years ago when I started blogging I thought to myself, 
"Wouldn't it be nice to "meet" some friends with common crocheting and baking and domesticating and maybe even Norway."
 Well, to my joy and delight this very thing happened and miraculously more than once.

Wonderful, wonderful women from all over the world (The USA, India, France, Turkey, Norway, Australia,  Africa, The Netherlands, the UK...the list goes on and on) who have kindly and thoughtfully taken an interest in my interests and vice verse. 
Unforgettable friendships made via the "World Wide Web".

You are all so special and I feel so fortunate to be in your company.

I felt an instant connection with one such friend from my home country over at the Drudeblaa blog.
This post is written in blue in celebration of and dedication to Drude. :-)
She loves blue!

To my surprise, this package, from Drude of Norway, 
was sitting upon my doorstop upon arriving home after a long work week. 
A book that is just my style and a lovely hand written note on this bird card.
What a welcoming treat!!!
 My heart swells with gratitude with the words, thoughts and gifts of a friend from afar.
You'd think I could write this in Norwegian, but I am just a bit lazy....I'll try one line:
Mange tusen takk Drude, 
jeg har det koselig med denne bok!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Here comes the Snow Bride

Yesterday, we received 
our first significant 
snowstorm of the season
so a couple of big kids built a couple of 
offbeat snow things.... 
Cucumber eyes,  a carrot nose and a twig mouth.
Then frozen mums, zinnias and roses from the garden,
accessorize the bride-to-be.

Here's the NVO with our snow bride...
Ya' know you can have more than one bride in Utah, haha. ;-)

and then we made this weird thing:
the feet are two frozen left behind cucumbers from the garden.
I don't know what it is?
1/2 man, 1/2 bear, 1/2 pig???
What do you think?
We had fun and I wish a
fun day for you, too!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rockman Afghan CAL Week #3

Week Three
Joining and Edging
Did you finish all your strips in the last week?
I know, ha, ha, very funny.
Took me 4 months.
So, if need be, please come back when you are ready to join and edge.
I'll be waiting for you. :-)

Meanwhile, here's the joining and edging tutorial for the Rockman Afghan.
It's a single crochet to join.
It's easy to match up the colors because the blocks are all in 7 rows.

I chose one color to join all rows because I had mostly light blue yarn to begin with;
however, I think that mixing up the colors would be fun, as well.
Place front or right sides against each other and start single crocheting them together like this:

It will look like this.
I like the ridge.
Please note that I had snipped the ends that were weaved in with the color change row, but I recommend that these ends remain and are crocheted into this joining single crochet row, as well.

Like this:
 Front sides together.
Semi-weaved-in ends hanging out .
Weave them in while joining.
Like this.
 Ends up looking pretty good.
 The front side is good too.

And now....the super duper easy edge:
 the first row is a single crochet all the way around the edge with...
...three single crochet in the same stitch in the corners.

The second row is double crochets in each single crochet with,
three double crochets in each corner.
The mini-chocolate chips that are in these photos, are totally random, but maybe, even though we hear it should not be so, are a reward for finishing. :-)

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

I would love to show off your projects that you make with this pattern.
Place a link in a comment or email me photos at
if you would like to share. :-)

Thanks for participating
Happy Crocheting!!!