Friday, April 28, 2023

Crochet | Claudia Window Covering | Os Rosemaling

So I've been thinking a lot lately about the Claudia Afghan and how Claudia
 herself @crochetaladia turned it into a window covering idea was born!

With this inspiration from Claudia I came to the conclusion that it might be fun
 to try my hand at making a curtain for our kitchen to coordinate with 
these Norwegian Os Rosemaled plates,
using this beautiful Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn. 
(That was a run-on sentence but I guess that's what I do. πŸ˜‰)


🌹I matched up the 10 gm cuties from the colour pack with the colors on the plates
 and ordered 25 g skeins of each of those colors. 
I think I'll use Bridal White for the main color. I usually use Snow White 
but I'm going to go a little bit creamier this time which is unusual for me,
but I was drawn that way. (Not unlike Jessica Rabbit)πŸ˜‰

🌹 I'm not sure exactly when this project will start, 
I guess sometime after the yarn arrives, 
but please stay tuned as I think this will be very exciting and enticing!

but in the meantime...
you can order a box of these little cuties (109) and use them for color reference,
 for any project, or just for fun on *Amazon by clicking here.
If you are in the US, you will be receive your yarn quickly.

*Apple Blossom Dreams may receive a small commission
 on purchases made via this Amazon affiliate link, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you.

You can find the pattern for the Claudia Afghan that I will be utilizing
 to make a curtain by clicking on the below shops:

Have a happy day, thank you for following along, and



Friday, April 21, 2023

Macaroon Blossom Afghan | Scheepjes Stone and River Washed Colour Pack Version

 Did you know that there's a 
Scheepjes Stone and River Washed Colour Pack Version of the
 Macaroon Blossom Afghan?
You can make this afghan with one Colour Pack and
an additional 2-3 50 gram skeins of Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn.

The Colour Pack is available on *Amazon by clicking here.

If you are in the US, you will be receive your yarn quickly. 
additional 50 gram skeins of yarn for the border are also available on *Amazon
by clicking on the desired color below:
 Canada Jade (Sage Green)
Carnelian (Redish)
Yellow Jasper (Yellowish Beige)
Deep Amethyst (Dark Muted Purple)
Peridot (Lime Green)
Turquoise (Turquoise)
Boulder Opal (Light Brown)

*Apple Blossom Dreams may receive small commissions
 on purchases made via these Amazon affiliate links, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you.

The below-pictured blanket which includes two rounds of the border,
 utilizes one box of Scheepjes Stone and River Washed Colour Pack
 without the additional skeins:
This is how much yarn was leftover:

You can find the pattern with the supplement for this Colour Pack version by clicking on the following
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:
Clicking on the above photo will take you directly to the Etsy listing, as well.

This is how the listing reads:
Crochet this lusciously delicious and colorful Macaroon Blossom Afghan using 27 skeins of 50 gm Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn or a yarn of your choice. This instantly downloadable pattern will teach you step-by-step how to complete the JAYGO (join-as-you-go) method with blossom circles and leaf squares. The 29-page pattern includes over 100 step-by-step photos and charts, as well as, several links to exclusive videos for extra added assistance. Additionally, you'll a three-page abbreviated version of the pattern, as well as, a five-page instructional guide on how to adjust the pattern to utilize one Scheepjes Stone and River Washed Colour Pack and 2-3 50 gm skeins of Scheepjes Stone Wash yarn. 
The pattern is written and verbalized in US crochet terms.

Have a happy day my friends, thank you for your interest and



Friday, April 14, 2023

A Velvety Soft Baby Blanket | Free Crochet Tutorial on YouTube

πŸπŸŒΈπŸƒπŸ§ΆVelvety Soft Baby BlanketπŸ§ΆπŸƒπŸŒΈπŸ

It's that apple blossom time of year...well maybe not quite yet, but we must prepare!
 Prepare yourselves with this quick and easy to make "Velvety Soft Baby Blanket." 
It makes up quickly as the yarn and the crochet hook are both BIG!
The blanket is made with the luscious "Parfait Chunky Chenille" yarn in 
Cotton Candy, Ballet Pink, Bubble Gum, Key Lime, and Cream
 by *Premier Yarns.:
Each solid colored skein
makes four - 5 round granny squares with a "K" 6.5 mm crochet hook
(20 squares total)
The border is crocheted with *"Bloom Chenille" yarn  in "Tulip", 
also from *Premier yarns:
You can find this yarn as a 3-pack on Amazon by clicking here. #ad
Here's the finished
"Velvety Soft Baby Blanket"

You can find more details (like the below color chart and lots of video footage)
 in a free tutorial on the Apple Blossom Dreams YouTube channel:
Here's the YouTube video:
 I would LOVE for you to join me on YouTube
Please hit the subscribe and notifications buttons on YouTube
 and you will be notified when I put out the next video. 

Can you imagine what an awesome gift this would be 
for a baby born while the trees are in bloom? 
Or a soft and cozy throw for a Mother's Day gift...
that's during apple blossom season too, right?
 And how lovely would it all be paired with 
the Apple Blossom Dreams Signature Afghan!?

 The Apple Blossom Dreams Afghan Crochet Pattern 
is available at the following Apple Blossom Dreams shops:


Thank you for following along!


Astri Elisabeth

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A Rainbow of Mitered Blossom Dishcloths | Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack | Crochet

There have been a few inquiries lately for the yarn and colors that were used
 in the following photos of the Mitered Blossom Dishcloth.
So I'm hoping this information will be helpful.
All the colors used in these dishcloths are in the the 
Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack
are listed in this scanned image:

You can click here to purchase the Colour Pack
 with 109 skeins of these beautiful colors through *Amazon, 
if you are in the US you will receive it within days.

Wool Warehouse is a great resource for this yarn if you are outside the US.

All the colors listed in the pattern will be in the pack 
in a 10 gm skein...they are so cute!
(I imagine it will be fun to play with the other colors as well!)
You will need 5 colors for each dishcloth but you will have some leftover,
as shown here:

If you are making more than one dishcloth you will need more
 than 10 gms of White and Green:

Click here to purchase 50 gm skeins of # 106 Snow White.
Click here to purchase 50 gm skeins # 105 of Bridal White.
Bridal White is a little creamier than Snow White.
I like a bright white (Snow White) but many makers like a creamier white (Bridal White).

The greens used in the dishcloths in the pattern photo are:
#412 Forest Green 
#205 Kiwi - this color is used in most of the dishcloths.

There are however a couple of alternative greens on Amazon that you might like:
Click here to purchase 50 gm skeins of # 212 Sage Green.
Click here to purchase 50 gm skeins of # 244 Spruce Green.

Apple Blossom Dreams may receive small commissions
 on purchases made via these Amazon affiliate links, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you. #ad

And with all that said and done, you will need the pattern
 that can be found at the following 
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops by clicking on the shop name:

Oh and here's an idea if you are looking for a gift for a crocheter:
Purchase additional patterns as gifts, print them, then gift the pattern with five 10 gm skeins.
If possible coordinate the colors with the recipients kitchen,
they will love that extra thoughtfulness!
Well, gosh that was a long winded post!
I better end it here, although I have so much more to say/write.πŸ˜‰ 

I truly do wish you a lot of 


Astri Elisabeth