Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stash-Buster #21 - Hats Off To You: 4 of 4

Remember this?
From here?

It's been joined with this:
To create this:
An Urban Slouchy Bobble Hat
The pattern was modified from here to incorporate bobbles.
Bobbles make me happy!!!
I started the repeat of the pattern at row 6 (56 around) instead of tow 7 (72 around).
Then at row 12 added a bobble every 8th stitch (7 dc between each bobble).
The bobble row was repeated every other row until I started with the rust colored yarn.

Boy, has the stash-busting ever been a good thing:
Oh, just you wait until March,
do I ever have the ultimate acrylic stash-busting coming up!
(Hey that's tomorrow, isn't it...Where does the time go?
Once again, it must be those darn *Langoliers.)

"A large ball of teeth that works with its buddies to eat the world of yesterday to make room for today."

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stash-Buster #20 - Hats Off To You: 3 of 4

Matching vs Coordinating
For many years I have striven to make things "match".
I have come to the conclusion that "matching" is too much pressure and sort of boring anyhow.
I am now on a "coordinating" quest.
I'll see how that works for me and report back.

This "coordinating" set started with a double strand of the below Mosiac yarn from the stash
 and the Urban Slouchy Hat Pattern from here.
(once again I only went to row 6 for 56 around - row 7 and 72 made it too big)
For this:
It is thick and it is warm!

There was still leftover yarn so...
a scarf was added to the order:
But there was not quite enough yarn so I added the leftovers
 of the Cascade yarn from here:
This color does not "match" any of the colors in the Mosiac yarn; 
however, it might "coordinate".
This is the same crochet stitch and edge pattern that I used for
the Diversity Scarf from this post.
Hmmmm...the scarf still didn't feel long enough;
it was missing something.
Insert: Fringe!
(Both yarns were used in these whimsical tassels, without one strand to spare.)
(It doesn't "match" does it?)

Coordinating is easy with 
Linda and Ana of the:

Stash-Buster #19 - Hats Off To You: 2 of 4

Another Slouchy Hat
Pattern for the "Urban Slouchy Hat" found here.
This time I dug into the wool pile, not to be confused with the wood pile.
Yea, another random statement, but I like the way it sounds.
This one is for the NVO.
Hats off to you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stash-Buster #18 - Hats Off To You: 1 of 4

We have had a lot of snow this season,
and it has been so pretty!
In fact, it's snowing today, so some stash-busting slouchy hats 
might be appropriately timed to send off our snowiest month
and a "hurry up and get the winter projects done"
 before Spring arrives.
I had to get creative with the last few scraps for this hat:
I was determined to use every last piece of yarn so that I could move on. :-)
This is what was left of the cotton stash a few weeks ago.
These two cotton hats polish up every last bit of what was left here.

Here's a photo of what was leftover of the cotton stash once the hats were finished:

Don't see anything?...that's because it is gone!!!

Now how weird is this?: 
I am saddened, in a way, because I really want to make more of 
the potholders with the heart-shaped fabric cut-out from this post
but now I am all out of cotton. 
Strange creature these humans;
they do not know what they want!

I'm stash-busting like there's no tomorrow.
Come join along!

Monday, February 25, 2013

4:41 Challenged

Remember that challenge I threw out there from this post?
I challenged anyone to beat my time making a rose.
Lickity-split an adorable and talented young lady took me up on the challenge 
and sent this:

I have tried twice to break your amazing granny rose time, but the pressure got to me both times.  My first time was 4:48, and my second time was 4:51.  I started to get nervous, the yarn would start to squeak, my arms would start to shake, and I would make a lot of mistakes.  I saw in the comments of your post that you told someone to email you the time anyway, so I thought I would do that as well.

Here is a picture of the rather bedraggled-looking rose from my best time.  I closed up the center hole after I had stopped timing myself so it would look better for the picture.  

~ Claire (The Cogaroo) ~"

Isn't that charming?
I'm not sure anyone can beat her time!
A package full of surprises will be
 sent to Claire this week, 
and a little something for her mother, as well.
I would venture to guess that Claire is my youngest follower. 
My heart swells with pride.

Visit The Cogaroo here
and be amongst
Peace, Love and Crochet.

Thank you for the interest and dedication to the rose,
Claire, your rose is simply beautiful!

Another prize is still up for grabs,
so if you are up for the challenge
email me your time and a photo.

Click here for the rose pattern link.
It even has a video. :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perception vs Reality

This is how I would like my creative space to be perceived :
Note the empty coffee mug and empty cookie plate...they are empty because this is not real.
Note how the yarn and current project coordinate with room; this is also not real.
Do not be fooled!!!

Want to see real???
This is real.
And it's a stash-busting bonanza!
(Looks like some bust-stashing might be in order, as well.)
No pride, I tell ya', no pride!

Here's another peek at fantasy:
(Because this only lasted long enough to take the photos, and it must be documented. :-) )
I would love to hear about your reality.
Have a fantasy filled day!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Record Breaking 4:41

That's how long it takes me to crochet a rose:
That is NOT how long it takes to make 108 roses!

I've made more roses than Carter has pills...or....peanuts...
THAT is why I am so smug fast.

Difficult to believe, I know, but the NVO clocked my time.

Originally I was to make 120 roses for this project:
"Following my own CAL"
But I ran out of turquoise, so 108 it is!
The rule (for a while) is no more adding to the stash so I could not justify
purchasing a skein of turquoise to make one rose in order to have 120.
108 is divisible by 3 and 4 so it will work with the three background colors:
 white, aqua and pastel violet.
Afghan will be 9 x 12 rows of colorful fun!

Week #2
is done for this CAL gal.

Want to learn to make roses fast?
Click here for play-by-play instructions, then practice, practice, practice.
The first one to beat my record will win a prize!
(It won't be a crocheted rose.)
Just send me your time and your shipping address:

On Your Mark
Get Set

If re-visiting a project that has been put aside and stashed away for a while counts for stash-busting than this is also a stash-buster in addition to a record breaker!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stash-Buster #17 - Changing Dishcloth Directions III

Continued again from here and here:
I had to get creative with the pattern to use up these last little bits of these colors.
You may be pleased to know that these are the last of the dishcloths....
for now...
Thank you for joining me on the stash-busting via the dishcloth journey.

But I am still...stash-busting like a mad woman!
It's just not dishcloths anymore...