Friday, March 26, 2021

Blossom - Circle - Square Afghan | Crochet Pattern | Published!

The Blossom-Circle-Square Afghan Crochet Pattern
has been published!
This blanket includes over 40 colors from my stash!
There are a lot of colors that this photo does not reflect,
but the beauty of so many colors is that you can arrange the blanket if you so desire,
 to show the colors you want for your mood or color theme.
This blanket was staged with the dark blue showing to coordinate with the sofa.

So gather up your stash and crochet some love to wrap around yourself...
... or a loved one.
This is one of our loved ones.
We refer to her as Little Bug; she's the youngest and the littlest.

You can find the pattern by clicking on the following
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:

Any yarn can be used; however, the pictured afghan is crocheted with 
Scheepjes Colour Crafter and/or Stylecraft Special DK.

My blanket is very long (8 x 20 squares) as I wanted it to cover
the length of this built-in bed:
It looks bumpy because there is a down blanket underneath it.
At all bumpy costs, we must keep warm and cozy, right?

Here it is in progress without out the bumps:


Happy, happy, happy, pattern release and 
and happy, happy



Saturday, March 20, 2021

Blossom Circle Square | Crochet Pattern | Tests are in

Blossom - Circle - Square tests are in!

5 photos and 5 lovely testers!

1) Sandra of Reflections and Nature Blog

2) Barbara @misspreciouskighton 

3) Samantha @ubuntu_yoga_craft 

4) Ana @anitasudy 

5 & 6) Anja @crochetbyhoberg 

I have a lot of corrections to make. Apparently, I was trying to do too many things at once and too fast! These beautiful testers from all over the world have gone above and beyond and have been so delightful. 

The pattern will be released soon. I was hoping for today as it is the first day of spring but since I am out of the country on vacation it's not doable. So get your stash ready and your hooks sharpened to join in on some fun stash busting with this pattern to come.

and here's to you, my faithful crochet friends!


Astri Elisabeth

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Macaroon Blossom Afghan | Softer Baby Version | WIP

While the Blossom-Circle-Square pattern is out for testing and editing,
I'm starting up another Macaroon Blossom Blanket. 
This one will be a softer version for a stroller or bassinet blanket. 

👶🌸🍃❇🍃 🌸👶
Original Pattern: Macaroon Blossom Afghan
Designer: Astri Elisabeth
Yarn: Scheepjes Stone Washed

The pattern can be found by clicking on any of the following shops:

Clicking on the above photo will take you directly to the Etsy listing, as well.

I'm changing the colors up a bit. 

Two shades of the same color family for the blossom and the circle e.g., Rose Quartz with Tourmaline. 
I'm using New Jade for the leaves which is a softer green than the original pattern
 and Pink Quartzite for the stamen and the leaf squares that will be joining the circles. 
I'll see how much yarn I have left as I'm also thinking the Pink Quartzite 
would be nice for a border to tie in the color of the joining squares.

Please note that Pink Quartzite and Moonstone are interchangeable IMHO.

The Kit for the original Blanket is available at Jimmy Beans Wool.
They also carry individual skeins so you can create your own color scheme! 

and here's to you, my faithful crochet friends!


Astri Elisabeth

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Blossom Circle Square | Crochet Pattern | Out for Testing

 Thank you all for your testing offers!

This pattern is now out for testing...

The Blossom-Circle-Square Afghan Crochet Pattern
is ready for testing!

If you are interested in testing this pattern, then please send me an email at

I am very grateful for a set of "new eyes." 
I'm seeking someone that can look for ease in understanding and crocheting the project,
as well as, spelling/grammar/punctuation and technical errors.
Photos upon completion are optional but would be helpful.
If you send me photos I will assume you are giving me permission to use them on my blog,
in social media, and possibly in the pattern, unless otherwise indicated.

Testers receive any pattern of choice from the Apple Blossom Dreams Etsy shop.

The test is due by March 12th, 2021 at midnight (your timezone.)

A minimum of 4 joined Blossom Motifs, with the border is needed to complete the test.

Any yarn can be used; however, the pictured afghan is crocheted with 
Scheepjes Colour Crafter or Stylecraft Special DK.


Happy Testing