Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash-Buster #6 - A Rainbow of Dishcloths

Pattern found in my Etsy shop here:
It's all about putting the stash in a color order that makes sense. :-)
Who'da thunk it?
We love these because they have a built-in germ defense see... they can be rinsed and wrung out and then the loop fits on the faucet to hang dry.

So once again it's all about the stash:
And it's all about 
Stash Busters 2013

This is not the end of the dishcloth stashbusting...
Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stash-Buster #5 - The Rockman Afghan Finish

The Rockman Afghan has been patiently waiting to be finished... had been calling out to the stash bin for help, 
but the stash bin had been ignoring it...
Until now...when the Rockman Afghan called out extra loud and the stash bin heard...
and complied...
the stash bin catapulted this navy yarn into the arms of the assistant, 
and this is how it all went down: 
The navy yarn teamed up with $1.99 IKEA Irma Fleece Throw Blanket. 
(So soft and yummy!)
Something really sharp was needed for little cuts, so the hair cutting shears
 (ooowwwww don't tell anyone, as it I may have dulled them) were just the ticket.
 (It was all in the name of crochet , ya' know.)
The photos below show the marriage of these items.

To be quite honest, the Rockman Afghan was never really finished see..I was not too keen on the way the back looked; upon laundering many ends peeked through a bit. 
Yucky, Messy!
Linda and Cogaroo, who followed the Rockman Afghan CAL, knew what was going on, 
as they were clever enough to have made their 
project into a pillow, where the back and pesky ends were hidden. 
Smart ladies!

So this is where the cuddly soft "IKEA Irma Fleece Throw Blanket"came to the rescue. 
It was sitting in the "projects to make one day" bin, 
longing to be partnered up with something from the "stash-bin".

In any case, the Ikea Throw was almost the exact size needed...a few inches were cut off each side.
It was a match made in heaven.
The Rockman Afghan is living happily ever after
with its new partnerships.
And also joining it's buddies "Man Cave" afghan from this post and pillows from this post.
Keeping my Rockman/Caveman warm in the NVO's creative space. ;-)
Want to make your own Rockman Afghan (or pillow or whatever?)
See side bar for weekly instructions.

And if you want to join in on the stash-busting,
 then see this lovely site for more details.

Have a not so rocky day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neighborly Crochet

Right across the street live three small children.
They are as cute as can be!
 This is a headband for "C", she is the big sister.
(I did not know her head size so this one is adjustable. :-) )
Row 1: ch's
Row 2: dc
Row 3: sc
Row 4: dc
Row 5: sl st
(Switch colors each row)
Then of course, add three granny roses.
Pattern, tutorial and video found here:
 This is for "R" he is the middle brother.
Pattern found at: Molly Makes
And this if for "E" who just came along last month.
 This is the skirt from this post;
I added straps and a little picot edge to the bottom and a head band.
For all the kiddos!!!

This was not a stash buster as it was completed in December, I was just too excited about getting to the stash-busting that I left this post in draft mode.
Much of the leftover yarn from this project was used in the stash-busting projects,
here and here and my personal favorite here.
The yarn that just keeps on giving!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stash-Buster #4 - Scrap Hippie Dress

Sometimes the scraps combined with a little spontaneity end up being favorites...
"sometimes" happened today...without just happened.
This is my favorite so far. :-)
I apologize for the bragging nature of this post, I really must give credit where credit is due...
it all came from the bin:
 and the stash-busting inspiration of two lovely ladies with an idea to help out:
This is what was in the "wool and wool blend" bin.
I also added some additional leftover light blue from the scarf and hat stash-buster projects.
The yellow roses were in there, as well, just a few random roses from an evening that the NVO and Little Bug asked me to go to the gym with them, so I grabbed a skein of yellow and made roses while riding the exercise bike.
 See Mrs. Wild for the hippie dress pattern.
I just simply replaced the granny squares with granny rose squares.
A sc row and a dc row then a slip stitch at the top.
The tie was a long ch row with slip stitches to the end.
It was wound in and out of the dc's from the dc row.
A few extra rows of sc on the bottom and then the picot edge from the Granny CAL, as well.
Then I added these straps (ch 30, a sc crochet row, then a dc row, then a sc row again and,then picot edge on the inside of the strap.)
I connected them differently this time, as per the NVO's suggestion: 
(He's so smart.)
The straps are removable so that once the little one grows out of it, it can turn into a skirt!
 I also crisscrossed the back. 
The buttons are underneath on the back so that the straps can be adjusted. 
The buttons fit in between any of the stitches. 

Who would have thought that trying to use up these little bits and pieces would come together? I sure didn't, I could plan for a week and not have come up with this. I just switched colors when I ran out of one or when I completed a row of the skirt. 

No rhyme or reason, no rules.
And that makes me happy!
I hope you are playing with a happy project too!