Monday, April 28, 2014

Week Ending 16 of CANDO 2014: FInal weigh-in for this challenge

Final weigh-in for now...
Down 1 lb this last week.
Down 17.6 lbs from the beginning of the challenge
and 13.2 since the beginning of 2014.
Slow and kind of steady.
Short of the ultimate goal, but happy with the results anyhow. :-)

And here's how everyone fared:
Everyone did great!
Thank you all for participating.
For maintenance you may check in on the 1st of each month, if you would like.

Another challenge may be set for sometime this summer...
we'll see how the next very busy time goes and where I'm at, at that time.

Remember, you CAN continue CANDO!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #6

Kitchen is coming along and the sunshine helps:

We added a media center aka "Command Central",
where a cabinet once stood.

We are loving the floor:


AFTER: (so far)

 Still working on:

and Countertop:

and Dining Room next:
(That's the cabinet from the kitchen media center...probably won't stay.)

More updates to come. :-)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week Ending 15 of CANDO 2014: Easter

Next challenge I CAN take all holidays into consideration.
This challenge I forgot about Easter.

Down .4

 My homies:
One week to go!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Ending 14 of CANDO 2014: Fridge

I CAN take care of the outside of my fridge for incentive to make sure the inside
 is clean and full of healthy food and prepped snacks and meals.
(Kind of a weird one this week but it really helps keep me motivated.)
It's been painted light blue.
Wait until you see what plans I have for the rest of the outside of this fridge...
it will crack you up!

This morning's weight:
Down. Whew!
8.6 lbs to go on new goal of 125 lbs.
I think another 8.6 lbs will really help my back and hip pain.
More on that later.

Last weeks exercise:
One walk and remodeling the kitchen.

I have named this week:
I think I'll serve....eggs!



Look at that NVO go....I suspect he's been in the kitchen remodeling instead of eating!

Only two weeks left of this challenge.
Then a monthly maintenance check-in.

Anyone interested in a challenge starting sometime after June 1st?
I will still be short of my goal a bit.
And then there's our big vacation in May...

Lot's of love being sent your way from our kitchen...
Ah, yes the kitchen....the heart of our homes and the key to our health!

Okay, I am off to meet my dear friend for a long walk.
It's sunny!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #5

A finished floor, but ...
a dilemma and a change to get there.

Once the first coat of polyurethane was down, 
it darkened the floor as seen in the following photo:
Hindsight: I should have used more chalk paint.

This created a dilemma since the Polyurethane is oil-based and another layer of the chalk paint
would not have worked since it's water based and would pool up on the floor. 
I searched and searched for a solution with no results.
So I winged it and added half of a can of an oil based enamel paint
to the polyurethane. A complete guess on whether this would work or not.

I had no idea what this would do and was concerned it would ruin the floor,
or that I would create a toxic combination.
So I tested it under the area where the stove would eventually rest,
swathed in a face-mask and safety glasses.
(In spite my scientist hubby, the NVO, assuring me it would be OK.)

Two coats of this concoction applied with a lambswool applicator 
and it worked perfectly.
And now the floor is done!!!
And we love it!

Seven days of curing the floor before the appliances can be moved back.
In the mean time, the NVO will put in new baseboards and
I will paint the baseboards, finish painting the cabinets
 (just white on white to polish them up a bit)
 and cleaning and organizing every nook and cranny that I have not hit yet. :-)

Then we will relax with a cup of tea in our new kitchen:
 And think about how fortunate we are to have the means, health and time
for this project and how well we work together.

This is the floor before:

And here it is now:
Updated and fresh
...once again for about $1.20 a square foot,
or $2.00 a square foot with a new sub-floor too.
Happy Homeowners! Happy Floor!

(More on rag rugs with link for pattern can be found here.)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #4


 Planks are done.
 See the NVO at the finish line of his part.
I suspect this truly makes him happy!

Changing directions:
We were originally going to paint this floor with shiny bright white porch and floor paint,
but after we laid it we thought it was a shame to cover the beauty of the wood...
yes, the beauty of the plywood. :-)

So we decided to white wash it and if we didn't like it we could paint it later.

Here comes my part:
First I mixed this chalky paint with lots of water - 10-1.
Purchased at Home Depot.
In fact everything came from Home Depot.
 Then I simply brushed it on.
 Now it's time for Polyurethane.

We are thinking we are a week away from putting the kitchen back together,
which is way ahead of schedule! Yeah!

More updates to come. :-)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Ending 13 of CANDO 2014: Mulligan

I CAN take a mulligan this week and not weigh in.
I'll blame it on the floor.
It's been a non-stop week of kitchen remodel work.
Even worse for the NVO as he also works full-time.
I think he's smiling???

Well, needless to say it's been a stressful week and the CANDO plan became secondary
and the stress of the remodel took over.
I think this week will be better as the bulk of the work is done.

However, Ruff is down .5.
She's back on track after her vacation.
A big shout out to Ruff!

See you next Monday!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #3

A busy weekend so far...
It's almost a shame to think we are going to paint them white
 as the planks are quite pretty on their own.

Here's the update as of this morning:
 Remaining old floor was removed
 and taken away to old floor heaven.

Sub-floor finished in bath, hallway and
laundry area.

15/32 plywood planks ripped at 6" each.

I really did help.
My job was to push down and towards the guide.

Then the NVO measures, cuts, sands and nails in the planks.

We hope to have the rest of planks installed today, ready for first coat of primer tonight.
Oh and I forgot to tell you, this entire floor, with paint, 
will cost less than $400!
Whew hew!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #2

Here's the update on the kitchen as of this morning:
 Kitchen sub-floor is done:

Scallops are painted:

Walls are now white with a few Benjamin Moore's "Rich Cream" and
 "Mediterranean Sky" (I added more white and a little green to Mediterranean Sky).
painted accents:

Fiestaware has been reorganized again:

And for tonight...the adjoining laundry area floor,

hallway floor,

and 3/4 bath floor...
...will be torn up and ready for tomorrow's sub-floor. :-)

I really meant it when I said "Upside Down":

 "BEFORE" (right side up):
I am so excited for white floors!

We are looking forward to a productive weekend!
How about you?