Wednesday, December 28, 2011

G'ma Spicy

I am Grandma Spicy
and not because of my spice organizing skills,
although I would like to share those skills with you,
here today, if you would be so kind as to placate me. :-)

The skills of the spice organizer:


A trip to IKEA for these.
(Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE IKEA???)
Then some pourin', a sortin' and label magic makin'...
then this:

But I was not so keen on the Mrs. Dash messing up the container alikeness mojo,
so then came this:

and Mrs. Dash (salt-free) was moved to cabinet #2 with nothing other than...salt:

The real story behind the G'ma Spicy nickname

Although it may have a little bit of a risqué tone to it,  it really isn't so. How did I come to be "G'ma Spicy", you may wonder? Well, it's a pretty short story. You see, we were playing "Apples to Apples" with a few members of the familia. It was my turn to be "the judge" and the adjective card I received to play was "Spicy" and I was to choose which of the following was the best fit with this card:
     1) Incense
     2) Darth Vader
     3) Denzel Washington
Well, naturally my selection was "Denzel Washington" (so spicy!) with a close second as "Darth Vader" (pretty spicy and I'm thinking of him in his earlier days...more specifically his Anakin days, not the heavy breathing later days.) To my surprise and dismay the holder of the "Incense" card was not happy about my choice, at all. She was certain she was playing the spiciest of all cards and this became the topic of many future fun-filled gifts/conversations/arguments which, incidently, were never settled and eventually dubbed me: G'ma Spicy.

Proud Spicy G'ma of 5 beautiful Spicy G'chillin's...
and one on the way.

Have a Spicy Day!
(Oh and BTW, I still LOVE the Spice Girls.)

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Fit" Daisy Blanket Ta Da!

It's nothing short of a miracle!!!
A little bit of springtime in the dead of winter. :-)

The ETA for this afghan was 2012 - and here it is delivered 5 days early!
On time and under budget (perhaps, I should go back to working in construction finance ;-) )

Really, it's only under budget because I used Red Heart yarn which I love due to its price point and it's early due to the fact that it's smaller than originally planned. (I could not face weaving in any more ends, but someday, once the pain of the ends is but a distant memory, I may attempt a matching pillow. The remaining yarn awaits the return to insanity in the stash bin.)

Pattern is the "Daisy Square" from this post at My Rose Valley.  
And the edge is one row of single crochet and one row of picot.

It will stay inside for the Winter:

But, may go outside in the Spring since it was made to match
 the front porch "rug" and daisy topiary:
I blogged about this afghan so many times
here, here, here...
I wonder if anyone is as happy as I am that it's finally over.
(At least until the possibility of a matching pillow comes to fruition.)

It also matches the cushion from this post and this post and as below:
Here it is with it's little friend, the rocking chair cushion.
Now, it's time to go back to work, at my place of employment, after five days of pure bliss.
Sure wish I could putter around the house for a living.

Happy Boxing Day with this box shaped afghan pattern. :-)