Monday, July 30, 2012

Upcoming CAL teaser

An Autumn CAL is in the Works

The Rules:
Low or no-cost
Limited ends to weave
Very little counting
Thick and warm for winter
Exceptionally easy


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Le tournesol et le Beignet de Domy

As per the inquiry from my French blogging friend, Domy, in the previous post, 
the mysterious sunflower has bloomed,
and to celebrate this sunny flower, a French/American breakfast,
in honor of my sweet friend.

French Beignet
(A kind gift from a colleague at the NVO's place of employment.)
American Maple Bacon


Voici à mon ami blogs français!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garden Update

 Flowers coordinated with none other than last years crochet projects:
Summer Granny Cushions from this post.
Flower Power Cushion from this post.

And now for the edible stuff:
 Zucchini and Beans
  Cukes, Eggplant and Herbs
 Eggplant Blossom
  Cukes, Eggplant and Herbs (From different angle.)
 Sunflower that just showed up one day.
This one really has us perplexed....we have no idea where it came from.
More of the Mysterious Sunflower
 Beans and Grapes.
Spinach and Romaine were once here, as well...too hot now.
 Our first grapes!
 Peppers, Tomatoes and Squash
 Spaghetti Squash
 Squash and Tomatoes

Purchasing "local" is good...
but a harvest in your own back yard isn't too bad either. :-)
Have a Summery Day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Second Verse Same as the First

Herman's Hermits:
the NVO's favorite group as a teenage boy in Junior High School.
After last night they may very well be my favorite group.. right now!

Sneaking around the corner, produced this snazzy shot of Peter Noone:
A clever, stealth, and ninja-like photographer am I, eh?

And how about this anomaly: 
This band did not "do drugs" and Peter Noone has been married 
to the same woman for over 40 years. 
(To a Frenchwoman, you know this, Domy?)
Very impressive!
 "There's a Kind of Hush" is my favorite. 
And your's?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Things Are Just Simply Worth It

I have made every effort, as of late, to refrain from purchasing items that will need further costs or work associated with them in order to make them usable or complete.
The ideas and thoughts of "Oh my, with a coat of paint, or a little sewing or a crocheted edge...."
 just don't stop. :-)

I have had to refrain because I end up with rooms full of unfinished "things" that eventually end up
 at one of our yard sales or Goodwill, which, in and of itself is not bad, 
it just does not fit in with my new mantra:

But some things are just simply worth it:
Do not let the price tag fool you...I took this dress to the manager and pointed out the broken zipper and she reduced the price to $9...yes $9!!!
(My cheap frugal side shows it's true colors.)

 Insert new zipper.
BTW - I paid someone to do this for me as I fear the sewing machine...
it cost more than the dress, haha.
In this respect, I have a lot of respect for time and do not exercise my cheap frugal side. 

Have a Frugal Weekend!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't Stop 'til I get Enough!

Roses, Roses, Roses

 You'd think enough is enough and you'd think that BLUE was enough, but NO!!!,  the madness continues beyond BLUE, as two skeins of this delectable mohair yarn had been purchased:
GRAY TOO!!!!'s delicate softness has me hooked....
Yarn purchased at "The Twisted Stitch" on a recent trip to Monterey, CA.
In the event that you intend to use this type of yarn for roses, please try to make *frogging unnecessary, as this does not work with this type of yarn.
According to the shop owner, who I believe was British (and I just can't get enough of the British, too) *frogging is unraveling or undoing. The tiny little soft hairs cause all sorts of havoc, but is is so worth the final outcome. :-)
I don't even know why I am making them or what they will be, all I know is that...
 I can't stop 'til I get enough!
Any ideas?
Shall a support group be sought out for the "Rose" addiction?
Anyone feel the same way?

If you dare to get hooked, as well, the pattern is "The Rose" from
 "The Granny Rose CAL" and can found here. )
Have a Rosy (or Rosie) Day!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simplify Everything

Note to self...
...says it all. :-)
Thank you, Roxy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crochet Addicts Dangling Carrot Running Headband

Upon my arrival home from work today...
a gift was waiting for me at the front door.

This is what was in the package:
Some little "Crochet Fairy Godmother" is making every effort to help me with my plan to use crochet as an award for exercise.
She is a runner and she is helping me, and for this, I am eternally grateful.

 See this post for the "Fit" Daisy Blanket effort....
It was a project that I was so excited to work on that I made it a rule that I would have to exercise first before sort of worked and she remembered....ahhhhhhh...the beauty of commitments made on a blog that will be out there somewhere forever. :-)

I tried it out for a jog and it works!!!
The illusive yarn ball and crochet hook!
Thanks K!
(I ran five miles in 25 minutes...and if you believe that I have some ocean front property, for sale, in Arizona, from the front porch you can see the sea. ;-) )

Friday, July 6, 2012

My CAL Homies Part Trois

A CAL update...
I am still continually getting more hits on the "Granny Rose CAL" posts than any others.
(Please see right side of blog for links to the Granny Rose Crochet-A-Long.)
It's difficult to express how totally delighted I am!

Here are a few of you that have either emailed me their photos or I have run across serendipitously.
These have also been posted on the "CAL "page here along with the others from the earlier posts.

Fiona "Fee" has made this lusciously soft pink rose afghan.
Oh my! It is so pretty.
I love the alternating squares of roses with the plain granny; really makes a statement.
You can find the Fiona's details on Ravelry here

Here's another set from plus another pillow from
She is still diligent and so talented!
She's been making them as gifts and also putting felt leaves behind the roses for brooches. 
What a great idea!

Linda at Linda's Craft Corner is at is again, with these ponchos.
 Please click here and here for her amazing posts.
She has combined two CAL'S into one; clever gal!
But what I like best about Linda: she would rather crochet than to do 
housework and I'm all about that!
Makes us kindred, for sure. :-)

and speaking of kindred...

look at this beauty from Sandy at Teacup Lane
She calls it the Moonlight Pillow Cover.
Click here to see her blog and post.

Pattas, in Tasmania, at Hooks and Books
has made 100 of these beautiful squares from scraps, no less.
The colors are gorgeous - just look at that purple/pinky color. Yum!
Click here for her post along with along delightful projects.

Please let me know if I have missed  yours and if you would like me to add it to this post or a future post and the "CAL" page. Leave a comment or email me at
My heart signs with joy to see the rose granny popping up in the most unexpected places.
Thank you all for so much joy!