Thursday, August 30, 2012


Jeg ser alltid frem til pakker fra min mor i Norge.
A sweet letter and a project for accouterments for the NVO's bunad...
What's a bunad you may wonder?
It's the Norwegian National Costume.

Mor sent the kit for the NVO to make the strømpebånd  that goes 
with the bunad that previously belonged to my father...

The yarns will be woven to create the strømpebånd.
What is a strømpebånd you may also wonder?
It's a type of colorful ribbon-like garter worn at the bottom of the NVO's bunad pants (knickers).

See this post and this post and this post for more bunad details.
That's the NVO on the far left in my father's bunad from Nordmøre.
I like his silly smile.
I like that he will wear my father's bunad with pride.
I like that the strømpebånd will soon complete the look. :-)

Takk skal du ha for pakken mor!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Potato Lefse

I miss Norway...
...this helps.  :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My CAL Homies Part Quatre

Here's the fourth installment of 
projects that talented crochet artists
have come up with using the granny rose.
(For instructions and video to make the rose click here.)
Oh my, oh my...look what Monique 
from the Netherland's has come up with.
This bag is fabulous and her choice of colors exquisite.
I may need to make one of these for myself.
Thank you for the idea and the inspiration Monique.
You all can visit Monique here.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing?
Ana of Lanos and Hilos made several roses 
for these adorable hats.
Check out her post here for more roses and hats.

Here's feminine softness from the "Hooks and Books" blog.
What a scrumptious look from Pattas.
Cuddling up in a blanket made of these would definitely induce sweet dreams.

This gorgeous lap rug was made by Donna in Australia for her best friend.
How clever, that Donna, with the alternating rows of these pretty roses.
The neutral colors will be a classic.
What a lovely gift from the heart!

Mamaluke at Artful Rambling's fantastic cushion. 
It seems as though it's been made to match the sofa in the photo. 
How nice!
You can read about her post here.
Here is the very clever back side:
I love how she used a single rose and kept going with the granny.

Keep them coming y'all.
This is so fun!!!
(If I have missed yours, please comment or email me at

All projects can be seen on the CAL page here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cupcake Poppers

Devils Food Cupcake Poppers
 Prior to frosting,
 a hole was punched in these with the end of  a wooden spoon and then...
...a squirt of maple syrup in the hole
and then frosted with maple buttercream frosting and a chunk of maple bacon.
 ...a squirt of caramel sundae topping in the hole
and then frosted with chocolate sea-salted buttercream frosting and a sprinkling of sea-salt.
No hole in these, just cream cheese and butter frosting 
and a sprinkling of edible yellow glitter and candy pearls.
Devil's Food cake mix and 
(Didn't have cream so half and half was used.)
Separated frosting into three bowls:
1) added maple syrup and a little food coloring for maple color
2) added cocoa and sea salt and a squirt of caramel.
3) added cream cheese and more powdered sugar for the roses.

One box made 5 dozen cupcake poppers.
Baked for 12 minutes.
Used high-altitude directions. 

The exact right size to pop in your mouth in one bite.
So much less mess that way. :-) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Granny Rose Vase Sweater

For my dear friend Donna
 Would you like to make one, too?
If so, here's how it's done. :-)
Wash out a jar.
This one was a big one that held garlic stuffed green olives...yum!
 Gather some yarn leftovers.
 Make four roses from the Granny Rose CAL
week #2 here.
Make the leaf row from
week #3 here.
Make the granny rose square base from
week #4 here.
 These four squares are connected with sc's.
Crochet around and around with sc and dc,
decreasing to fit your jar.
 Dress the jar.
Add flowers...
these were actually green like the light green yarn, but photographed yellow.
Go figure?
 Stop and smell the roses...
...deliver to a loved one!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mine Blå Norske Bloggvenner

This "blue" post is dedicated to my blogging friends in
Norway who also love the color blue...
Click on their names for a delightful blogging adventure in blue. :-)

"Norway Love"
An original watercolor purchased from Poppyandpinecone on Etsy here.
An IKEA frame. :-)
And there you have a true-blue Norwegian knick knack!

For Me...
Blue is synonymous with Norway
and here are some past Norwegian influenced projects in blue:
Click here for Brød  post.
Click here for Heart Rug post.
Click here for Roses post.
Click here for Norwegian Scarf post. 
Click here for Ice Blue Scarf post.

"Skål" til Norge og mine "blå" bloggvenner. 
Kristiansund N.
Noe blått i dette bildet også. :-)
Jeg savner min hjemby i Norge
men disse herlige blogg damene gjør det utholdelig.

Ha en lykkelig "blå" dag!!!
(Have a happy "blue" day!!!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Love Lives

More Rugs From Recycled Sheets
The following rug from this post started a trend in our household:
With these rugs:
Most sheets are thrift store purchases at $1 each....
the rest...well...
never mind that our beds are void of sheets. ;-)

Made from a pattern by Kelli Bryan purchased here.

May love live in your household too!