Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We're off to Camp Norge

Rosemaling Camp or Bust!!!
Little wood stabburs all in a row...
are on their way to Rosemaling Camp.
Given to us by our kind "Sons of Norway" friends:
Kirsten and Steve

Packed and ready to go!
On the left are the cookies that our class has been asked to provide.
In the front, of course, a crochet project for the 9 hour drive.
In the back right, the white-elephant gifts wrapped in none other than rosemaling wrapping paper for BINGO night. One gift is not so white elephanty, at all, as it contains two of the darling stabburs. 
Who will be the lucky BINGO winner???
Yes, you read that right - BINGO, we seriously know how to whoop-it-up!!!

More about the last Rosemaling Camp here.

Whoot! Whoot!
We're off!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tie One On

A Spring Tie
Definitely a tie for a different season.
Oh, well here it goes anyway...
Here's the yarn and how it was made:
Chain 11
2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, * 1 sc in next 4 chs, skip next ch, 
1 sc next 4 chs, 2 sc in last ch, turn, ch 1, 2 sc in first sc repeat from*
Change colors whenever you feel like it. 
I got lazy and only striped half the tie.
About half way through the tie, crochet 1 sc instead of 2 sc at each end for one row
 and then pick up pattern again with 3 sc instead of 4 sc before the skip. 
This will make the tie narrower.
Then about 3/4 of the way through do it again for 2 sc before the middle skip. (More narrowness.)
I don't know what I did to go from pointed to straight to pointed the other direction, 
but as you can see from the photo it was not real smooth. I did a straight row of sc and then the next row was 2 sc with 3 sc in the same st then 2 sc or something like that. 
If anyone can figure this out I would love to know. :-)
I finished off with a slip stitch around the edge, but mine was a little too tight.
Pressing will be key.
Good luck!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twin Elephant Crochet

For a couple of twin baby girls 
to be born in China this week
 Pattern purchased from the darling Curtsay Shop on Etsy.
Click here for the link.
In China, elephants symbolize happiness.
Wishing you a happy day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Et Annet Forkle (Another Apron)

I love aprons...
 ...and this one had me at "hello". :-)
 It was brought home and introduced to its friend from...
It has this English feel to it, so, of course,  it was photographed with the English Ivy. :-)
Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


 Hello Friends!
An update on what's happening over here at Apple Blossom Dreams:

Do you remember this "Little Bug" that graduated with a B.S. in May?
Well, she's not done with school quite yet, as she is headed out for a Masters in Public Health in the Fall of 2013 and you know what that means?

 You may have guessed it, or you may have not, so I will tell you:
It means I have until then to complete her scrapbooks from birth through high-school graduation.
Cuz' it's not really an empty nest until their "stuff" is out of the garage, right? :-)
The ultimate procrastination project is now finally rolling. 
300 plus photos to be completed, scanned, backed-up and the originals packed up and ready to accompany "Little Bug" on her journey.

Before my intense crocheting days, I was every bit as obsessed with scrapbooking.
Now I must refocus and complete the task at hand and, by golly, have fun doing it!
 What truly makes this fun is that "Little Bug" comes over every Sunday and we scrap together.
I suppose this will continue until a man friend or second job enters the picture. :-)

 The scrapbooks are simple in order to crank the pages out to take advantage of the limited time we both are willing to dedicate...
 We are all set-up in the dining room indefinitely...
in hopes to "wrap it up" by Christmas, so we'll have a spot to dine for Christmas Eve dinner.
It's a sunny spot that welcomes us with everything we need.
Once again the NVO is, as always,
supportive and patient with the crafty messes I make.
Thanks NVO!!!

My blog gets a bit neglected in an attempt to polish off a project that has been neglected for years, but I must seize the opportunity before "Little Bug" is geographically out of reach and time slips away. :-(
In addition, changes at my place of employment and the acquisition of a couple of used scooters along with the safety/riding training, licensing and everything that goes along with owning two more things (exhausting, but 90 mpg was too hard to resist), and training for my first 5K on New Year's Eve, becomes a bit overwhelming, so something must go for a while.
Stick with me, I'll be back in full swing before you know it, and I am still in hopes to produce a simple CAL sometime this Autumn, in addition to a report on Rosemaling camp that goes down at the end of the month. And I thought an empty nest was going to be less busy?
Where does all the time go?
The NVO claims the "langoliers" eat it.

If my comments are few and far between on your blogs, please know that I am still checking in from time to time and as always smiling and getting all those good feelings from following the wonderful glimpses into your lives. Thank you for sharing!

I look forward to connecting with you soon!