Friday, June 28, 2013

White Tilda Rose

The original post on the Tilda yarn from My Rose Valley did not include 
the white yarn that I purchased along with the others. 
I am worried that white felt left out... I am dedicating an entire project/post to one white crocheted rose,
and a few white roses from our garden,
enhanced with two shades of turquoise, teal and two shades of green
 It's all Tilda yarn from My Rose Valley
This is a birthday washcloth for my friend "E2".
She loves aqua.
 Rose pattern/tutorial can be found here.
Leaves pattern/tutorial can be found here.
The granny row pattern/tutorial can be found here.
Then rows of dc's until it's the desired size (2 dc, 1 ch, 2dc in the corners)
Picot edge pattern can be found here.
Enjoy your day!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dollar Store Garden - Day 56 (Bean Stalk too!)

Here's the latest and greatest on the Dollar Store Bachelor's Buttons:
I think they are actually going to turn into flowers...
I hope they survive the 100 degrees that are in our forecast here for the next little while.
Summer's here!

This one even has a little flower bud on it:
Makes me so happy!

And the bean stalk grew this week for the first time:
 With the pending heat and lots of water,
 I'm in hopes that this one will grow at least an inch a day. 
Is it possible?
They tell me it's possible.

How does your garden grow?

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Rose Valley Roses

I could not decide whether to title this post
"My Rose Valley Roses"
"I've Been Bad" 
You see, I have been stash busting for several months due to the awesome inspiration from 
Linda and Ana of the "Stash-buster 2013" challenge.
The plan was to not purchase more yarn, at least not in bulk, until all the stash was busted. 
Well, things were going along just fine until the most irresistible yarn jumped out in front of me.
Have you ever experienced this?
If so, you will understand.
One day while perusing some of my favorite blogs I noticed that Annette over at 
My Rose Valley was offering yarn for purchase
Tilda yarn from Sweden via Switzerland - how cool is that?
Oh my goodness, the cotton, the colors, the energy was all too much to take.
Annette had even crocheted the most delectable flowers with the Tilda yarn.

I was weak and before you know it the following happened:
A package of the yarn-candy-joy arrived on my front porch!

And then it was not long before this happened:
My own little Rose Valley!!!
And boy do I ever have a fun plan for these roses,
 meanwhile, here are a few favorite color combinations:
Rose tutorial can be found here.

I'm easily distracted and amused.
I could play with these all day!

I "heart" Annette and her Rose Valley. :-)

If you have not visited Annette before, please check out her blog.
 You will be warmed by a cozy homeyness that has no end. :-)

Annette was also the inspiration and guidance for my daisy blanket from here:

A sincere thank you for 
daisies and roses, Annette!

P.S. Hey, I've got until December 31st to bust the stash, right?...
but now I probably need someone to define "stash". 
This purchase is not stash yet...but when does it become stash?
Does anyone know?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollar Store Garden - Day 49 (Bean Stalk and garden update too!)

Bachelor's Buttons are thriving in their new home:

The castor bean plant has not budged but is healthy:
 We are thinking lots of stuff is going on underground.

And now for a general garden update.

Three little troll friends to welcome you.
They only speak, see and listen to good stuff...
...such as...what's going on in the garden?
Roma tomato:
Herbs, lettuce, cukes:
Herbs, eggplant, beans:

Squash and beans:
 Mysterious seed bomb:
Pansies and geraniums:

The front planter:

Lucille from this post still alive and well.
She must be the worlds largest and oldest geranium:
This post was more or less to journal the garden progress,
it helps me know what to expect next year.
I obviously do like to share with you though and
 I do so love to see your gardens, as well.
I heart the flower garden!
Yours and mine. :-)