Saturday, August 31, 2013

When the Two Most Popular Posts Meet II

Lavender and Pale Green

Lavender and Lavender
The basic pattern for the mitered dishcloth can be found in my Etsy shop here.

This "rose done in the round" pattern can be purchased here as
Step 2 of the Granny Rose pattern in my Etsy shop.
The picot edge is included in Step 5 of the Granny Rose pattern 
and can also be purchased in my Etsy shop here.
You can also purchase all five steps of the Granny Rose pattern as a package via Etsy here.
They are all instant downloads.

 Since I used the Tilda yarn from My Rose Valley, which is a lighter cotton-blend,
 the rows were increased to 43 from 25.
If you don't feel like making some, but want some anyway:
These dishcloths can be purchased in Etsy shop here. :-)

Follow the path with lavender:
(Random...I know...but it's lavender...)

These are also a great stash-buster for Linda and Ana's Stash-Buster challenge,
The challenge goes until the end of 2013.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My CAL Homies Part Sept (that's seven in French)

It's been way too long since I have posted my CAL homies projects,
so here are a few, of the latest, for Granny Rose viewing pleasure!

This is another from my sweet friend, Carole, in the UK:

Oh and I must not forget about Linda's plot losing here:

Pavlena made this one and....
this one:
Visit Pavlena's pretty blog here.

Here's Linda's fabulous pillow:
Click here for blog.

How cute is that back of this pillow?
And how about that ruffly edge too?
Click here for Heidi's creation.

Check out this clever project and see what it turned into:
By Pat here.

And here's a colorful Rockman table runner:
Found here.

Patterns for the roses can be found in my Etsy shop on the side bar of my blog and 
the Rockman step-by-step links are free and found on the sidebar, as well.

These will also be added to the CAL tab at the top of my blog,
where you will find other projects as well. :-)

Please email me if I have missed yours and I will add it to the next update.

Excellent job everyone!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Window Geraniums

A couple of simple scheduled posts in the last little while.
Can you tell I have been away?
Hence my limited ability to check on what you have all been up to, or respond
 to your comments, until last night. :-)
Thanks for staying with me.
I've been in Dallas for work.
Texas is super cool (not cool in respect to the weather - but cool in other respects).
Aaaaahhhhh, it's good to be home!

I am such an amateur photographer: 
I can't even tell which of these photos is the best lighting option,
 so I used all three.
 Which one do you like best??

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Awesome Miniature of Kristiansund N Norway

My Home Town
Using "Awesome Miniatures" app for the Android.
The NVO photographed it in 2009 and miniaturized it in 2013.
Cool, huh?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When the Two Most Popular Posts Meet I

They become this:
Rose decorated mitered dishcloths!!!

This "rose done in the round" pattern can be purchased here as
Step 2 of the Granny Rose pattern in my Etsy shop.
The picot edge is included in Step 5 of the Granny Rose pattern 
and can also be purchased in my Etsy shop here.
You can also purchase all five steps of the Granny Rose pattern as a package via Etsy here.
They are all instant downloads.

The dishcloth pattern and tutorial can be purchased my Etsy shop here.
 Since I used the Tilda yarn from My Rose Valley, which is a lighter cotton-blend,
 the rows were increased to 43 from 25.
 They make a great gift for a special someone. :-)
As is the case here.

Happy Giving!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Blanket Teaser

"Bright Eyed - Bushy Tailed"
Beddings from the Land of Nod

Washable Wool Yarn
Due: November 6th.


Monday, August 19, 2013

For the Love of Snickerdoodles and Dishes

The NVO has three favorite types of cookies:
I have blogged about one of his favorites, Berlinerkranser, here, herehere, and here.
Another favorite is a Martha Stewart Chocolate Chip cookie posted about here
the recipe link is within the post but also here.
And a third favorite and his favorite gift to receive from #6 aka Little Bug, is none-other than the classic Snickerdoodle, which is the quickest and easiest to make, 
and it seems like we almost always have the ingredients needed.
(we shouldn't after last year's pantry clean out, but they somehow creeped back in, but in limited quantities.)
Tonight we made half of a recipe.
And how about these dishes?
I nearly fainted when I saw these at my favorite discount store, TJ Maxx/Home Goods.
(They will definitely will be inspiring a crocheted dishcloth of these colors, don't ya think?)
They are called "Bird Song" by
They are from the UK but I have not been able to find them online, they must have been discontinued??? :-(

I do; however, know where to find the Snickerdoodle recipe...
The recipe can be found here and this is how we do it:
 Roll dough balls then roll in cinnamon sugar.
Smash them down with the bottom of a glass.
(see that label...all labels will be replaced soon with the coolest labels ever...stay tuned.)
Bake and Enjoy.
Just like the NVO:
See how happy he looks, 
he even stops studying Norwegian to partake in this goodie!
Sunday evenings are often for cookie making in our household.

What do you like to do on Sunday evenings?
What is your loved one's favorite cookie?
What is your favorite cookie?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello from the Garden

This is where you will find us today. :-)
A happy Sunday to you!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Roses and Rosemaling

The NVO and I collaborated on a birthday gift for offspring #5 aka "Precious".
The NVO finished this beautiful rosemaled box from this post
and as you can already guess...

I crocheted coordinating dishcloths:
These were made with the Granny Rose pattern from my Etsy shop here.
With rows of sc and dc around the edges (three in each corner).
The ruffly version has a row of bobbles and a *picot stitch around the edge.
*picot stitch tutorial is included in the pattern, as well.
Made with Tilda yarn from my My Rose Valley Yarn Shop and an "E" hook.
Precious is "with-child"(their first child and our seventh grandchild) due in November.
And just you wait to see what crocheted goodies I have in store for this little one in spite of the unknown gender...posts to come. I am so excited to share it with you. 
No roses are included, though, due to the unknown gender, 
but after perhaps???

Two years ago, when Precious turned 30, she received another crocheted from this post:
30 daisy squares pillow for each of her 30 years. ;-)
Happy Birthday Precious!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bathroom Redo with a Crocheted Clock to Match

Our 3/4 bath needed a little sprucing up...
Oh and do I like white...with bursts of color, of course.
And I do always like to know what time it is, as well.
So armed with white paint, a rose clock and some new towels from TJ Maxx it all came together like this:
Sort of Kurbits looking, eh?
and some of the new roses from the latest Rose Valley Yarn roses posted about here:
to coordinate with the towels:
Even a new little rug from TJ Maxx for $9.99!

A refreshed bath on a shoe string. :-)
Wish I would have taken a before photo; the walls were green with green and royal blue towels.

And remember, the roses, the pattern for the roses
 and even clocks can be purchased in my Etsy shop here.