Friday, September 5, 2014

La Vie en Rose Afghan AND Border Pattern Listed!

The border pattern for this afghan is now listed in my Etsy shop here.

The afghan with the border pattern is listed here.
Oops, there's a squished bobble...but that's easy to fix.
I'll just stick my finger through the back side to poke it out the right way.
 It was difficult to get the edges to lie flat on the grass,
but the edge lies flat on a flat surface.

What size is it, you may wonder?
this is how it fits on a queen sized bed,

and this is how it fits on a full sized bed.

I imagine it could be used as a bedspread/coverlet for a twin sized bed,
as the sides would hang nicely over the edge.
Sorry, there are no twin beds in the house, any longer, for a photo opportunity.

I think extra gingham rows could be added to make it wider for the larger beds, if preferred.

AND, most importantly, this is how it fits on my favorite chair:
its new home...for the time being. ;-)

And it's always good to end with a draping photo.
(Where are my bargain red roses when I need them? ;-)  )

Thank you for your patience in regards to all the "La Vie" posts.
Next week, I will be onto many different subjects, such as: the garden, something good to eat,
maybe even some other crocheting, and I've even been thinking about a house tour, 
but that would mean I would have to clean instead of crochet. ;-)

Until then, take care!


  1. Your finished afghan looks beautiful with the edging, Astri. I really love it on the queen sized bed with the white headboard!
    You work so quickly too. Well done!

  2. That looks so beautiful and inspirational :-) ..... Enjoy snuggling up with it on your favourite chair.

  3. Love it on the chair. Why would you ever want to get up?

  4. Sooooo beautiful!! A masterpiece ♥
    Greetings, Nata

  5. Oh my lord that blanket is so pretty I could cry jealous tears! Amazing! Xxx

  6. Wow! It's fantastic!!:) great job!!

  7. Oh, whew! Thank goodness a white border! I thought you were going to edge that beautiful afghan with green like in yesterday's sample. The final result is breath-taking! Love it! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Fabulous! Absolutely an heirloom in the making!

  9. It was beautiful in any case, but is even more so now Astri!!!!!!!! I love it in all its different poses for the camera!!! You really did a fantastic job on this. xx

  10. I am in total awe of this Astri, it is so beautifully done. Great series of photo shoots too, I couldn't help admiring your clear glass lamp, very original. I love this, well done and good luck with your pattern downloads, I am sure you will have many xx

  11. Absolutely stunning! A masterpiece.

  12. It is beautiful just LOVE it and it looks lovely anywhere you put it. I wish you would do a house tour without doing any housework, that would make me feel so much better than seeing your beautiful home all tidy and immaculate. :) xx

  13. What a beautiful afghan. I will have to buy it. I always wanted to make an afghan with a rose for my mom. This will be the perfect one . I love it . Great job.

  14. Astri, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! One of the prettiest I have ever seen!! xxoo

  15. This blanket is fabulous Astri. Well done writing out a pattern for it. Bless you for your patience... I couldn't make a big through like this. Ha ha ha!