Tuesday, May 10, 2016

7 Dishcloths for 7 Gals

Seven girlfriends are graduating with their Masters Degrees from
Tulane University this weekend.
 So, of course they need dishcloths in the school colors. 
Each one is different,
just like the gals!

Congratulations Gals!

Mitered dishcloth pattern 
is from my Etsy shop and can be found by clicking here.

These were made with 100% cotton worsted weight yarn:
Sugar 'n Cream
Plymouth Fantasy Naturale
and an "I" hook.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Norway Knitted "La Vie En Rose" Afghan

While my mother, who lives in Norway, was visiting earlier this year she saw the
"La Vie En Rose" afghan and so very much wanted to make one.
However, there was a problem, she is a knitter not a crocheter.
(Yes, can you believe it's true?)

So she took the chart from the pattern and the Stylecraft Special DK yarn that I had leftover from 
the crocheted project and began making little knit squares:
 And this is the result.
Pretty, huh?
I love it and can't wait to see what the finished afghan will be like.
She intends on sewing the squares together.

Mor is diligently working on the knit squares, back in Norway, and I hope to receive
photos of the finished afghan one day.

This is what the crocheted squares look like:

The following photos show how the crocheted version looks upon completion:

Outside on the fence:

On the sofa:

On the rocking chair:

On the chair and a half:

On a queen size bed:

On a full size bed:

Draped over the corner of the sofa:

 On the lawn:

Again, on the sofa:

Again on the rocking chair:

And on another fence:

The pattern for the crochet version of the
"La Vie En Rose" afghan
is available for purchase
by clicking here