Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tada! Rainy day Chair-and-a-half done!

A much looked forward to moment...

Over a year in the making!
Over 250 granny squares, joined together for a re-upholstered chair.

Here's how it went down:
It started with a free chair left outside in the rain by our neighbors.

Then the granny madness began:
Then trimmed in a row of white.

The second row of white utilized the join as you go method:

The back cushion was finished:

Then the seat cushion:
Back and seat cushion. 

This was the biggest part of the project:
 This is all one piece!
Can you believe it?

Snugly fit like this:

For an end result like this: 
More details found by clicking here

A fun journey...
but, oh happy day when a BIG project is completed!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stjernedal Update

A week of a work vacation does wonders...

White washed, knotty pine ceiling finished in the kitchen!

That's the responsible party: the NVO.
He is a hard working, talented carpenter!

The door went from dark brown to light blue - "Gustavian Blue" to be accurate. ;-)

Paneling primed.

Shutters down.
House partially painted red.
"Barn" red, that is.

"Apple Blossom Dreams" office painted white 
with plywood sub-floor painted in "Gustavian Blue", as well.
This house had me at the view from the office.
(And the porch.)

With some crocheted items lovingly placed, to brighten the love. :-)

And a colorful rug:
Still to doors and trim to be painted...I have ideas for the doors. ;-)

House warming gift from neighbors:
An apple tree!!!
(This one is a Haralred.)
Next Spring ...APPLE BLOSSOMS!
Unfortunately, these guys got to it, the very first day!
I reprimanded them and they politely apologized and left.
I told them they could come back, but to stay away from the tree!

But just in case they did not understand,
the tree was protected.

I also hear that a second tree needs to be planted for optimal pollination.
I think a Granny Smith would be nice...
I'd like to make pies, cobblers and applesauce during our retirement years.

Lots of updates to come.

Have a wonderful day!