Sunday, December 11, 2022

A Blue Christmas | Crocheted Snowflake | Link to Free Pattern

 Loving me some crocheted snowflakes 

crocheted with Scheepjes Catona in Powder Blue, 
with a variegated yarn, I found on clearance! 

Now I'm working on a couple with the same variegated yarn but Catona in white. 


I'm excited to get home and block these as I have this idea for our Christmas tree this year.
These snowflakes are great as coasters, ornaments, or for candle placement. 🕯️
Note: These look a little wonky now but will look a lot different once they're blocked.
Stay tuned!

The pattern is by NotikaLand Crochet and Knitting and can be found on YouTube. It's called:
How to crochet for beginners CROCHET snowflake motif.

I wish you all a relaxing and fun time preparing for the holidays and/or winter.


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