Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Metamorphosis 1 | Caterpillar Play Pad | Crochet Project

Announcing a good start on a "June" Tunisian crochet project with the longest name ever...
Metamorphosis 1 - Caterpillar Play Pad 🐛

Pictured are the first three sections/rows. 
At least seven more sections will be joined for a playpen pad, a floor pad, a reading pad, 
a pet bed, or simply a squishy soft pad to play upon! 
Easily customizable to your size and your colors.

See how the colors are lined up in the color wheel order? 
And then the colors go diagonally across the pad as well. 
Makes me happy! 
This has been such a fun and easy project. 
The puffy rectangles are crocheted together all in one piece vertically and 
then sewn together horizontally, but there will be more about that later on 
with strategically placed yarn ends.
We'll start with just the basic stitch, then a color change, 
then the very cool joining of the same color on the other side. 
And how about those little caterpillar feet as a border?

Astri Elisabeth

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