Thursday, February 10, 2011

Neck Warmers

Ice Fishing with the NVO is a Dream That Comes True Every St. Valentine's Day Weekend!

And this year we have matching crocheted neck warmers...
Perhaps these "hooked" neck warmers will entice the fish to get "hooked."

The neck warmers were thoughtfully made to coordinate with our fishing attire.
(Coordination is of utmost importance, especially when one is ice fishing.)
 Pretty stylish, eh?
One day...when I get a little better at this crocheting stuff
I would love to embellish these with some small crocheted rainbow trout.
Wouldn't that be cute?
Does anyone have any ideas or patterns?
The NVO would be tickled pink...errrrrr maybe salmon. ;-)
Last year the wind whipped at our necks...
This year bring on the wind!
(Oops, I hope no one thought I meant the NVO type of ice fishing wind. Please don't bring that on NVO.)

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