Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crazy Heart - Part 2

The Joining of Hearts
These sort of look like Norwegian waffles, except there are four hearts instead of five.
What could be more appropriate than that for a Norsk crocheting maniac who is hungry for vafflekaker?

Now it's time to join the hearts.
Just like when these hearts were joined together, hehe.
(This is to gross out the kids once again.)
<3 <3

Okay, back to business:

Sew in the end in the middle of each heart (the beginning end) and leave the last end out and leave it pretty long.
Using the last end sew the hearts together. Be sure to leave room around the top of the curvy part of the heart for 8 stitches. This will make more sense when you crochet around the hearts. (You will need 4 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 2 tc for a total of 8)

Now to crochet around the edge of the hearts:

Count four stitches in from where the two hearts are sewn together and slip in other color. This will be your first sc. (Work in back loops)

4 sc

 1 ch, 4 sc
the chain is the dip in the heart

 *1 hdc, 1 dc, 2 tc, 1 ch
This and the next step are worked where the hearts are sewn together.

2 tc, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 4 sc, 1 ch, 4sc 1 ch 4 sc repeat from* all the way around
 ss to join first row of new color
sc all the way around in the back loops, but when you come to a corner do the following:

 3 sc, 1 ch, 3 sc
Join with ss with first stitch of 2nd row
Leave a long end to sew the squares together

 Should look like this...not exactly square but they end up pretty square once the squares are joined together. (I am so open to any suggestion or rework of this part, I struggled and struggled with it as a rooky granny square maker.)

Join the granny squares together:
I prefer joining these hearts by sewing them together through the back loops with the leftover long end that is still attached.
Another option would be to crochet them together.

I like the little ridges made by working in the back loops.

These are the materials I used:
Encore Worsted 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool.
The colors are luscious and so many to choose from....

....and I chose these to match the bedroom decor.

Oh, and a size J hook. :-)

Stay tuned for more updates as the afghan grows and the pattern takes form.

Part 3 - will be the edging...that should be fun but I have no clue as to what I will do or when that will be.
I would like to try something different from the standard picot that I use everywhere.
The color of edging will be determined by what color is leftover - that's the thrifty me. :-)


  1. what patience !!!!
    Kisses from France :)

  2. Hi and thanks for the greeting. Du skrev helt riktig! :-)

    Do you know that a lot of waffle irons have four hearts? My grandmother's for instance, so your hearts looks just like her waffles :o)

  3. I cannot wait to see this finished afghan. It seems so intricate. Just beautiful.

  4. Thanks Hillery, that makes me feel so good. Now that's it's nearly done I am thinking it may need to be a little longer...