Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rockman Afghan CAL Week #1

Announcing the:
and here's how it came about...
...several months ago I made this afghan for the "mancave":
 but it didn't really end up being that manly after all, now did it?

So it was time for the man to have a real manly afghan
and here it is:

(Please note: photos are before edging, washing and blocking - sorry about that, the sun went down and I ran out of time for photos in good light. More final photos in future posts.)
So come crochet-a-long whether it be manly or not,
because this project can be every bit as womanly as it can be manly.
Just change the colors and add a feminine edge.

Ya' know, once I asked my friends if they had any afghan patterns,
 specifically for women and you know what they did?
Yup, you guessed it...
they brought me binders full of women afghan patterns. hehe.

This C.A.L. will be three posts, starting today and the following two Tuesdays,
and here's:

Week One
Gather Supplies

...so first gather up some yarn:
 Yarn from your stash, the colors you like together, 
or ALL the colors from you stash.
For best results, use similar types of yarn.
These are all 100% acrylic of similar weight...Red Heart, Vanna, Hobby Lobby, etc.

I choose all greens, blues and reds because this is an afghan for my rockman,
and this is a photo of my rockman. He is a rockman on many levels as his undergraduate studies were in geology, he loves rocks, he has a "rock" nickname and he is my "rock". :-)

Additionally, he can carry this afghan to all rooms of the house and it will coordinate with any room.
(Insert visions of "Linus" here.)
I'm probably in BIG trouble now. ;-)
Oh and BTW, you will also need a size "H" hook, some scissors and a needle.
In hopes that this project will cost you as much as it has cost me...
zip, zero, zilch!

That's it for this week.
Easy, Peasy!

See you next week for
Making the Strips
and have a great week!


  1. Wooooow, that's one big blanket. Well done.

    1. Haha, it is big! The next blanket might need to be for a future dog for the rockman. That won't take nearly as long.

  2. Your blanket is lovely Astri as is your rock haha. Count me in I'm off to assemble my supply's a great stash buster! can't wait thanks for hosting this, I will add it to my next blog post along with picture in side bar xx

    1. You always make me laugh, Linda. Thanks for linking it up. I finally have some links in the side-bar now, too - that should help.

  3. Fint og fargerikt teppe til mannen! Det blir spennandes å følge med franover:)
    Akrylgarn er lite brukt her i Norge. Det går mest i ull og bomull.

    1. I am not particularly fond of acrylic - wool and cotton are so much better and natural too. :-)

      It was fun to make a blanket for the man though. Thanks for the comment Sonja!

  4. Gosh, I don't have near enough stash in the right weight for this. I tend to buy and use up. Hmmmm...very tempting to buy some yarn on purpose. (Must. Resist. Temptation.)

    You could have so much fun with the colour placement on this too - so many possibilities! Shaded, random, quilt-patterned (comment interrupted by the sounds of birthday money shouting "Spend me on yarn!"), something in the pointillist line....

    About how much yarn did you use, do you think?

    P.S. I hope the "Linus" reference has nothing to do with thumb-sucking. :)

    1. Hi Sue -

      Owww...I like your ideas, especially quilt patterned.

      I used almost all the yarn in the photo, plus an additional 1/2 skein of red and another green I found in another bag.

      Now, I've learned something new, ...pointillist yarn....hmmmm...I'm intrigued. Looked it up, very pretty. I hope you post about it. Oh and Happy Birthday!!!

      Funny, about the Linus comment as after the NVO read the post he did exactly that. ;-) I remember your love of "Peanuts" right long with us, from last Christmas.

  5. After a "google" search it looks like an H hook is equal to a metric No 5 hook for any other Aussie ladies. xo Looking forward to giving this a go!

    1. Oh thank you Sharmayne! As I examine my hook closer it does also indicate 5.0 mm. You would think I would have noticed this being born in Europe, and all. :-)

  6. Bonjour Astri, après une semaine tourbillonnante, où le temps est passé trop vite, en compagnie de ma fille numéro deux, je reviens voir ce qu'il se passe sur ce blog. J'aime toujours autant la tête sympathique de ton "rock man", il est génial cet homme !!
    Bon dimanche à vous et bonne continuation dans les nouveaux projets :)

    1. A week with your daughter sounds so nice. I imagine you had a wonderful time.

      The NVO aka Rockman appreciates your comments, and yes he is a friendly fella'. I hope that you can meet him one day. As you know, France is on our list to visit within the next few years.

      Thank you for your genuine interest and friendship, Domy.