Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rockman Afghan CAL Week #3

Week Three
Joining and Edging
Did you finish all your strips in the last week?
I know, ha, ha, very funny.
Took me 4 months.
So, if need be, please come back when you are ready to join and edge.
I'll be waiting for you. :-)

Meanwhile, here's the joining and edging tutorial for the Rockman Afghan.
It's a single crochet to join.
It's easy to match up the colors because the blocks are all in 7 rows.

I chose one color to join all rows because I had mostly light blue yarn to begin with;
however, I think that mixing up the colors would be fun, as well.
Place front or right sides against each other and start single crocheting them together like this:

It will look like this.
I like the ridge.
Please note that I had snipped the ends that were weaved in with the color change row, but I recommend that these ends remain and are crocheted into this joining single crochet row, as well.

Like this:
 Front sides together.
Semi-weaved-in ends hanging out .
Weave them in while joining.
Like this.
 Ends up looking pretty good.
 The front side is good too.

And now....the super duper easy edge:
 the first row is a single crochet all the way around the edge with...
...three single crochet in the same stitch in the corners.

The second row is double crochets in each single crochet with,
three double crochets in each corner.
The mini-chocolate chips that are in these photos, are totally random, but maybe, even though we hear it should not be so, are a reward for finishing. :-)

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

I would love to show off your projects that you make with this pattern.
Place a link in a comment or email me photos at
if you would like to share. :-)

Thanks for participating
Happy Crocheting!!!


  1. Thank you Astri, I have done just 2 rows so far and I joined these before I saw this but I put the sc on the right side and it looks good too, now I'm confused do I leave it or change it and do it this way, decisions decisions haha

    1. 2 rows in one week - that's awesome, Linda! Oh and I like the idea of the single crochet on the right side. I haven't seen it but my "vote" is leave it. :-)

  2. Hé, hé, moi j'appellerai cela du patchwork au crochet, non ? La finition et bientôt plus longue que le travail de chaque pièce. Le rendu est très beau.
    Je vois, une mini goutte en chocolat à chaque point de crochet ??? Cela nous fait combien de kilos de chocolat à la fin ?
    Have fun :)

    1. Oh yes, patchwork it is! Yes, indeed a chip per stitch could add on the kilos...unless that's the only thing one eats. ;-)

  3. Now I need to look up "point" to see if it means stitch or corner.... Never mind, I just remembered "petit point" - must be stitch. I LOVE the idea of a chocolate chip per stitch! :)

    Over the weekend I got the bright idea of cutting up some old t-shirts to make my Rockman projects out of t-yarn. It takes a LONG TIME to cut those darn things. So I have 3 shirts cut, and 3 giant balls of t-yarn, and barely a stitch done. I will be back.

    1. Glad you enjoy the French as much as I do. :-)

      Leave it to you to think up something unique and fabulous; love the t-shirt tunisian idea.