Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neighborly Crochet

Right across the street live three small children.
They are as cute as can be!
 This is a headband for "C", she is the big sister.
(I did not know her head size so this one is adjustable. :-) )
Row 1: ch's
Row 2: dc
Row 3: sc
Row 4: dc
Row 5: sl st
(Switch colors each row)
Then of course, add three granny roses.
Pattern, tutorial and video found here:
 This is for "R" he is the middle brother.
Pattern found at: Molly Makes
And this if for "E" who just came along last month.
 This is the skirt from this post;
I added straps and a little picot edge to the bottom and a head band.
For all the kiddos!!!

This was not a stash buster as it was completed in December, I was just too excited about getting to the stash-busting that I left this post in draft mode.
Much of the leftover yarn from this project was used in the stash-busting projects,
here and here and my personal favorite here.
The yarn that just keeps on giving!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ana. It's fun to give crocheted items!

  2. They are beautiful Astri and match the little dresses perfectly :)

    1. Aw Linda you are the best! Matching gives me goosebumps of joy!

  3. I want one of the rose headbands! So adorable Astri! I love the colors! I love the colors! Yes, I love the colors.

    1. Sandy you are the rose making queen! Please make one and post it...you are giving me ideas...hmmmm...just like you always do!

  4. How cute ! Fun and colorful. Love all the flowers.

  5. L'ensemble est tellement joli, j'aimerais voir la petite fille qui portera cet admirable ensemble crocheté avec amour.
    Bonne journée :)

    1. I would like to see her too, but I probably won't. The neighbors kind of keep to themselves and that's ok. :-)

  6. Lucky neighbours, and if I were big sister I'd be borrowing that bow tie to use as a snappy headband. :)