Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meadow Larksfoot Infinity Scarf Pattern

 A seven page step-by-step photo instructional tutorial and pattern
can be purchased in my Etsy shop here, as an instant downloadable .pdf file.
I will also give away three free patterns to the first three peeps
 to answer the *question at the bottom of this post.
(The question must to be answered in the comment section of this post
 and the time stamp on the comment will determine the first three as winners.)
 The pattern also includes an optional shell edge, which is not pictured here.
Made with Encore Classic Worsted Wool Blend.
The black yarn was purchased for this project and the other colors were from the stash,
 but are still the same Encore yarn.
*OK here's the question....
What name did I use for this lovely scarf model in a previous post?
(Not her real name, of course.)
Remember the first three to leave a comment with the correct answer will win the pattern.

Good Luck!!!

Oh and BTW...
The tutorial pattern on Etsy is made in pastels with light gray,
although the black scarf is referenced, as well.
It includes the shell edge.
 It will be featured on a post later this week. :-)
Here's a teaser:
I made it to match my ski parka which is aqua and light gray.
Imagine the fun color combinations you could create!


  1. It looks great! :) i like this colours of the first scarf :)

  2. Personnellement je préfère dans les tons plus clairs, mais c'est toujours aussi réussi comme réalisation.
    Bonne journée ;-)

  3. It's a beautiful pattern. I think you referred to her as Mini-Al!

    1. Thank you so much, Astri! I was very excited to find your lovely pattern in my inbox this morning. The pattern looks to be very clear and detailed with lots of photos to explain all the different steps. I am in Australia so it is a bit hot still for crochet at the moment. I am looking forward to making the pattern up soon though!

  4. so beautiful!! you used the name Mini-Al :) the beautiful daughter of Al!

    totally checking out your Etsy... Have a great week Astri!!

  5. Mini-Al :) I'm the 5th comment already but I still had to say something! Its a lovely pattern, I really like the colors<3 xx

    1. Congratulations winner #3! You are the 5th to comment but the 3rd to guess the name!

  6. Both scarves are lovely, I really like the lighter grey option. Just in case there is some reason any of the above change their mind about wanting a free pattern, I confirm the name of your model was Mini-Al, daughter of your friend Al! xx

  7. Both scarves are pretty, but I especially like the light grey one. :)

  8. That's what I get for sleeping late this morning. I missed out on the contest. :-)

    Very pretty pattern. I like it in the grey/pastel colors best.

  9. Me encanta que lindos colores y el tuyo bien suaves adorables!!! besitos.

  10. Mini-Al! (Although I'm outside the limit.) This scarf pattern is lovely!

  11. Beautiful! My favorite is the pastel one, and the shell edge is great ♥
    Greetings, Nata

  12. Oh, wow. I love them both. What a lovely scarf.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! (loving the pastel one too!)

  14. Beautiful scarves, you know I am addicted to gray so the second one makes me swoon.

  15. Both of them are beautiful Astri, but my favourite is the grey. :)

  16. Both are lovely - and though I am usually a pastel gal I love the pop of colour in the black one! :)

  17. I love this infinity scarf with the black background!