Friday, February 6, 2015

Floral Fiesta Afghan Colors

I'm looking to make an afghan that will coordinate with red oak floors
 and a big fluffy denim chair and a half (the blue yarn in here is called "Denim".):
Something a little more neutral than what I am accustomed to.
(Never end a sentence with a preposition? Oh well, I like the way it sounds.)
And since the colors are more natural I wanted the pattern to be the "pop" for this afghan.
So this is what I picked:
with these colors:
These are the colors from a previous post regarding this same project.
Stylecraft Special DK in "Gold", "Camel", "Stone" and "Denim".
I was waiting for "White", "Cream", and "Parchment".
"White" and "Cream" came and "Parchment" and "Mocha" were on back-order.
I could not wait any longer, I was too excited so I went with the
colors I had and added the "White" and "Cream" and I love it!
("White" gets added to most everything I do, this is my first try with "Cream" and I think it's good,
kind of like my friend "K" says: "It softens it a bit".).)
"Parchment" and "Mocha" did arrive since I wrote this post
 and when they did I wish I would have waited for them,
I might be able to add them still, 
although I already started the color repeat.

Isn't this a pretty pattern?
It's called Floral Fiesta, it's free and can be found here.

Stay tuned for a possible color update. :-)


  1. Such a pretty pattern, Astri and a lovely change from the ones we usually see. It looks an easy pattern to do as well. As for the colours, you have chosen them to go with your interior and that's the most important. I love the denim, cream, stone, parchment and mocha. I feel less attracted to gold, spice and camel. Your new afghan is going to look beautiful and match your furniture and floor beautifully!

  2. Lovely colors and pattern. Have a nice week end

  3. I love Cream and Parchment and Mocha! I have never used the Denim colour, but it looks fabulous! Cannot wait to see more! xx

  4. Beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished.


  5. I love it Astri - yes, big decision as to frog or not - if the late comers are really nice with it then you probably will kick yourself later if you don't include them....... maybe do one little pattern from each of the late colours and put it with what you've done already and then decide!
    As for me, I am way behind on decluttering (I have your lovely clock sitting waiting to go up on the wall), the big crochet hook needed for the heart rug has finally arrived, but I'm in the midst of several things going on...... Big Hugs, Sharm

  6. Lovely colours you have chosen together and I do like that lovely pattern too xoxo

  7. Ooh, that's a pretty block. I look forward to seeing the whole thing when it's done. Where do you get the Stylecraft yarn? It looks a lot nicer than most of our American acrylics.

  8. That is a very beautiful pattern. love the colours too :-)

  9. Hi Astri, Beautiful as always! I don't know how you do it but you come up with the most beautiful patterns and projects. You are such an inspiration to me.

    have a great week,

  10. That is a gorgeous pattern Astri, I love the colors you picked for it.

  11. Pretty colors and lovely pattern. I'll have to try this myself! x Stéphanie (Handwerkjuffie)

  12. Pretty colors and lovely pattern. I'll have to try this myself! x Stéphanie (Handwerkjuffie)

  13. Beautiful, Astri! Nice color combination and a sweet pattern. Good to see this, bringing an old wip back into my mind again. I made some of these flowers and stopped then because of the wrong yarn, but maybe I should try again with another. It's really pretty! Greetings, Nata xxx