Friday, March 18, 2016

Flower Tags for Yarn Roses

I finished making a rose of every Stylecraft Special DK yarn...

and look what I sewed to the back of each one:

Cardstock Flower Tags!
Can you even stand it?

Looks a little like a big button huh?

Now, if I'm wondering what color these are...
I simply flip them over.

These make for gobs of fun combo color time...
and you know that's what's coming next!

(Rose made in-the-round pattern can be purchased here.)


  1. Love em and such a great pretty idea Astri!! xo

  2. What a lovely way of keeping track of the colours

  3. Great idea, Astri. Useful and beautiful at the same time! Come and visit me sometime, you're always welcome in my space!

  4. What a brilliant idea! Have a Perfect Easter!

  5. Your little flowers are adorable Astri. Love all the colors and the tags are great.


  6. You're so darn organised! And how fun to have all those little roses sitting around to play with. :)

    Happy Spring to you and the Rockman!