Friday, February 16, 2018

Diagonal 3D Granny Rose Rainbow Candy Pillow

Oh what fun to play with bright colors!
This pillow was made with the 3D Granny Rose Pillow pattern found here.
(A pattern that includes over eight short videos for step-by-step instruction.)
With the following adjustments:

Only one large square was crocheted (23 granny rows), then the corners were brought together 
and the edges were sc'd together.
 A 3D rose in the center was sewn on where the corners meet.

And these Stylecraft Special DK colors were used:
Bluebell is crocheted every other row. 
It fits in a 20" x 20" pillow form.
(And those pillow forms are just $2.99 at IKEA as of this writing!)

What would you think about making one in your favorite colors?
I would love a photo!

Please purchase the pattern here.
Resulting in an overflow of gratitude!

Have a colorful day and,


  1. This is a lovely version too, Astri. Such cheerful colours and it looks so easy to do making one large square to fold over! Both versions are really great! Difficult to resist doing both of them!

  2. Very pretty! I like the diagonal design that appears even though you just have to make a square!