Thursday, February 14, 2019

Apple Blossom Dream Afghan

We've seen more snow in the last few weeks than I have seen accumulated over my lifetime!
It's beautiful and I do love it.

So while inside out of the cold, I couldn't think of anything better to do
than to dream of spring and work on the design and pattern for the
"Apple Blossom Dream"
crocheted afghan.
It has springtime written all over it.
I have just about wrapped up the pattern in order to send it out for testing.
The goal is to have it tested, edited and published by the end of next week.
I'd like to release it before we head to Norway for three months.
(Then I won't bother you with patterns for a while.)
By the time we return, from our trip, the apple blossoms will be gone and I simply cannot wait until the following apple blossom season next year to release the pattern. 
It's just too exciting!

This project that's been mulling around in my head for nearly eight years and I'm finally doing it,
I wonder if it has anything to do with being newly retired.


Keep an eye out for it!

Lots of warmth and
to you all!




  1. The colours are gorgeous, Astri. They're definitely spring-like and fresh and joyful.
    You must be excited about going three whole months to Norway! I hope you will tell us about your travels!

  2. It's beautiful Astri and congratulations on your retirement. :) xx

  3. It, is beautiful. It reminds me of walking along the country roads of Kentucky when I was a kid, the apples and wild roses. I'm 82 years now and have wonderful memories. I will make this and love every minute.

    1. Oh that makes me so happy what a wonderful memory that is. It sounds so bucolic. Thank you for leaving a comment.