Friday, March 1, 2019

Stone Washed Apple Blossom Dream Afghan WIP

Currently on my hook...
The Apple Blossom Dream Afghan
Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. 
  I'm in love with these colors.

Stamen: Citrine
Petals: Pink Quartzite 🌸
Petals: Rose Quartz 🌸
Petals: Tourmaline 🌸
Leaves: Canada Jade 🌿
MC: Crystal Quartz, Moonstone 

The pattern can be found on Etsy by clicking here.

The pattern is written and measured for Scheepjes Colour Crafter or Stylecraft Special DK yarn,
 but I'm loving it in these Scheepjes Stone Wash colors, as well! 

Since this is still a WIP, I don't know how much yarn the total blanket
 will call for in the washed yarn; in the meantime, here are the yarn quantities by motif for
 the Scheepjes Stone Wash yarn, which comes in 50-gram 100m skeins,
 in the event that you would like to get started with the washed yarn:

Blossom motif:
Stamen: 2 meters
Petals: 4.5 meters
Leaves: 4 meters
MC: 11.5 meters

Diamond motif:
MC: 8.5 meters

Please remember extra yarn will be needed for joining and the border.

My favorite place to purchase yarn is at:
(Quick shipping to and from the US and overseas)

Most of the Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn colors listed here
 can be purchased at LoveCrochet by clicking *here.

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  1. These make a lovely change from the original colours. I really like the look of the one with the soft moonstone background!

  2. Your blankets are lovely Astri. I haven't been crocheting only stitching.


  3. I love how soft and beautiful those colors are.

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