Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Meadowlark's Foot Infinity Scarf | Crochet Pattern

Ooooooooo....just in time for holiday gift making or colder weather.

The Meadowlark's Foot Infinity Scarf has been revisited
 with bright happy desert or dessert colors, if you may...
Scarf with No Border/Edge.

This is my daughter, I am so dang proud I can hardly stand it.
It's snowing and this scarf is keeping her warm.

Scarf with DC cluster border.
(This is a rare selfie, can you imagine how many tries this took 
due to being in the last year of my fifties??? Ack!)
Scarves are good for that neck thing, ya know. 

So how about making one with a little help from
Apple Blossom Dreams?
The crochet pattern that can be found in the

Here are some different versions from the same scarf pattern:
 These two have a shell edge/border.

These two have no edge/border.

The recommended yarns in the pattern can be found by clicking here.

I wish you all a relaxing and fun time preparing for the holidays.


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