Thursday, January 30, 2020

Granny Rose Pillow (From Original CAL) | Refreshed Crochet Pattern

Here's a "Throw Back Thursday" if I've ever seen one...

๐ŸŽ• The Granny Rose Pillow from the Original CAL Crochet Pattern ๐ŸŽ•

It has been refreshed and re-released
 includes an additional video link for a two-color rose square.

(I am busying myself with this 2020 New Year's Resolution of refreshing my patterns.)
  You can find this pattern in the 
Apple Blossom Dreams
Etsy shop
by clicking here.

The pictured pillow and the pattern is photographed and written with
100% acrylic worsted weight yarn.
(It's a great stashbuster.)
If you have purchased this pattern in the past,
I would be happy to send you this refreshed version.
Please email purchase information to me at
and I'd be happy to forward the refreshed copy.

The refreshed pattern has been thoroughly tested and the following
Granny Rose Squares are the result of testing the squares:

Please check back tomorrow to see what these squares turned into after testing the
join, edge and insert.

Thank you so much for your interest in this pattern!



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