Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Macaroon Blossom Scarf | Based on Blanket Pattern

With all the changes made to blogging in the last few years,
I'm not sure there are a lot of followers on this site or not.
(Apple Blossom Dreams has not gone away, but you can find most activity on Instagram.)
I thought it might be fun to post about my latest creation,
just in case there is a following here.
Nevertheless, I am still grateful for my followers no matter where they are following along or how many there are.
Thank you!!!!

This scarf was based on the Macaroon Blossom Blanket pattern
and is modeled by my lovely daughter!

I have been wearing the scarf out and about and 
I am pleasantly surprised at the response. 
One lady at a restaurant said,
"If that scarf is for sale I will purchase it from you, right now."
At first, I thought folks were smiling at me, but once I examined the eye contact a bit closer,
I came to realize they were smiling at the scarf!
Haha, I would have never imagined, I was just trying to stay warm.

The Macaroon Blossom Blanket pattern is available in English by
 clicking on the following Apple Blossom Dreams shops:

The pictured scarf is crocheted with my leftover stash of
Scheepjes Stone Washed Yarn.
Tourmaline, Moonstone, Lilac Quartz and Peridot for the blossoms and leaves 
but there are many colors from my stash for the circles (I placed them in the rainbow order). 
Black Onyx for the joining squares and Black Onyx and Moonstone for the border.

Thank you for stopping by and as always


Astri Elisabeth


  1. It's always lovely to see movement on the blogs I follow, Astri! Lots of people seem to visit my own blog, but few of them leave any comments. Blogging has changed over the years and that is a great shame!
    The scarf is beautiful and is especially lovely as seen in the third photo, modelled by your lovely daughter!

    I'm not surprised about that lady in the restaurant wanting to buy the scarf! Maybe you could have offered to make her one against payment?!

    I hope that you and your family are quite well. Greetings from Switzerland! Sandra

  2. I love this scarf!! I recently bought the Afghan pattern but I’m scared to start it!!