Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Springtime Crochet-a-Long "Lite" | Plain Granny Triangles Done

 The project I picked for the

Springtime Crochet-a-Long "Lite" 
is coming along. 

These are the triangles that will go along the edge.

34 white triangle grannies were needed and are completed.
This is how they look with the other motifs:
See how they square off the blanket?
This layout with the triangles keeps the
squares at a diagonal. 

It's now time to join all the motifs.

The pattern I am using is the Blush Blossom Pom-Pom Pillow

I am going to make a Bed Runner.
(Perhaps with pom poms.)

I've had a few inquiries about pattern for this bed runner,
and that may be forthcoming if I can get it together. 


If you'd like to crochet-a-long...

please see previous posts and remember you can pick 
a "blossom" pillow or afghan/blanket pattern from the
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:
(Receive a discount at Etsy - see below)

Receive 22% off the below listed "Blossom" patterns at Etsy by using the code SPRING22

(The discount is good until midnight on the Spring Equinox - March 20, 2022)

(Clicking on the pattern name will take you to the listing on Etsy.)

You may already have one of these patterns, if so, that's great!!!
(Thank you for your patronage!)

Blankets/afghans can be made as pillows
pillows as blankets/afghans
with a few adjustments to the pattern.
One lovely friend is going to make a wreath.

Please share your progress via Facebook or Instagram.

I will share my progress, as well, here on this blog, Facebook and Instagram.
If you don't use these platforms, or if you have any questions, you can email me at
I will happily post your photos with your permission. 

Let's play with this project through the spring.
I'll wrap up by the Summer Solstice (Tuesday, June 21, 2022.)

Thank you for stopping by!


Astri Elisabeth

Jeg ๐Ÿ’— Hekling!


  1. It's all looking beautiful, Astri. You work so fast! I'll be interested to see what time of joining method you'll be doing for your bed runner.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I'll be joining with a raised single crochet. It's my go-to as it's a very solid join.