Friday, January 20, 2023

Tri-Color Granny Rose 2 | Crochet Pattern | Published


🌸 ***!!!PUBLISHED!!!***🌸

I have been working on two Tri-Color Granny Rose 2 patterns
and they are now listed!

And....I've been playing with photos...


There are two Tri-color Granny Rose 2 pattern options:

1) The motif/granny square only.

You can find the motif pattern by clicking on any of the following shops:


2) The Original Granny Rose Pompom pillow with two pompom border options, 
PLUS the new motif and layout as pictured here combined in one purchase. 


You can find the pillow pattern which includes the new motif and layout
 by clicking on any of the following shops:

I'm really excited about these bursts of color, so excited in fact that
 I am planning a YouTube Stashbusting CAL using these motifs so start getting your stash ready!

I hope you will join along!
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You will not need to purchase the pattern for the CAL but may be
helpful to have a copy of the pattern handy...
plus ya' know, it sure helps the small business owner yada, yada,yada. 😉

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to connect with you here
on YouTube, or Instagram!

Wishing you lots of colorful and


Astri Elisabeth


  1. The yellow and orange ones are definitely my favourite, Astri!

    1. Aw they are the happy sunshine colors! I'm glad you like those colors!