Friday, October 27, 2023

Thomas Blanket | Crochet Project | Something Different

Hello! I'm back from a Southern Utah and Southern California camping adventure
 with spotty cell service; hence the lack of activity here.

An amazing trip, but it is good to be back home.

Camping is always good for some happy hooky time though, 
so here's a preview of camping crochet and the story behind it:

The story began last February when our 7-year-old grandaughter (Phoebe) 
and 9-year-old grandson (Thomas) came for a winter wonderland visit.


Actually, the story may have begun seven years ago 
when I made this Granny Rose Blanket for Phoebe before she was born.  
She still has it! Warms my heart. 

You can find the instantly downloadable pattern for the Granny Rose Blanket
by clicking on the following shops:

Okay, on with the story...
During the visit, Thomas asked if I would make him a blanket, too.
Can you imagine my joy at such a request?

I had no idea what to make as most of my patterns are flowers, so I thought I would start with colors and go from there. 
I asked him to pick colors from my stash and these are the colors he chose:

Stylecraft Special DK in Aster, Lavender, Bluebell, Proper Purple, Lapis, and Violet
 paired with Lion Brand Jeans Stone Washed yarn as the MC, 
although I think Stylecraft Special DK in Waterfall for MC would be good too.

Fiddling and playing with this yarn for a design that was completely different
 then my regular M.O. (method of operation) was fun but challenging. 
Eventually, I got it! 

Now to write the pattern...

I'm curious...what is your M.O.? 
Do you stick with the same thing that you love or are you comfortable venturing out?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this brings you some 


Astri Elisabeth

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  1. A beautiful new pattern, Astri. The colours work wonderfully together and I like the linen stitch edging your're showing here.
    Personally, I don't like to make the same (or similar) pattern all the time, I definitely like to venture out and try new things, both in style, new stitches new patterns and in different colour schemes! If I had to have a favourite, it would be the humble granny square because it's so versatile and the colour combinations make it look different every time!