Friday, October 9, 2015

Granny Rose Scarf with Bobbly Trim III

This was really supposed to be yesterday's post
 and yesterday's post was supposed to be today's post.
Haha, I'm easily dazed and confused.

Oh well, here are some step-by-step granny rose photos:
I made sixteen of these in all these colors except lime and denim:
It's all Stylecraft Special DK.

I made the rose a bit fluffier by adding an extra dc before and after
the chain in the middle of the pedal.

 The the leaf row was added in Lime.

 Then the granny row in any color except Lime or Denim:
(Not to worry, they will get their turn!)

The a granny row of Denim:
The Granny Rose pattern can be purchased here.
(I apologize for the redundancy.)

 The next granny row is also in Denim, and it is used with the
join-as-you-go method to join all the squares in a big old circle
for an infinity scarf. Or a straight scarf is also an option.

This is what it looks like with second row following the join-as-you-go method.
There are a lot of great videos and instructions out there on how to do this.
Mr. Google helps!

Greetings from the Granny Rose Scarf mascot, Cow!
I warned you would not make sense, right? ;-)

Next post...the bobbly trim!


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