Friday, May 8, 2015

WEEK 2 - Granny Rose CAL: The Rose

Hello Again!

Okay, so I trust you are ready for:

The Rose
I gather that you have gathered your supplies and you are ready to make 64 roses this week,
or what ever number you chose.

Please refer to Week 2 of your pattern from here, and note that
 there will be a few tweaks as explained below.

Crochet 80 centers with the following change:
(I used the "Magic Circle" option, then ch 4 for first dc - counted first sc
 that connects the magic circle as a ch)
Pull on the yarn to bring in the circle.
 Close the circle with either a slip stitch into the third beginning chain or stitch
 as below for an invisible join.
The pattern will slip stitch down into the ring, but this only works
if you stay with the same color of yarn for the petals.

Since the pattern is written for a one tone rose, you would normally
sl st into the ring and start your chains on the back of the circle.
If you are new to the rose you might want to practice it with one color first,
or you could make the blanket one-toned roses, as well.

After the last dc, then join the circle by creating an invisible join like this:
For a really great invisible join,
see Mr. Micawber's tutorial here.
That's another blog full of crochet delights!

 Or you can sl st into the third chain, as mentioned above,
and call it good. :-)

They'll pretty much look like this either way.
Don't crochet too tight or it will be difficult to crochet in between the dc's.

Flip the circle over so the back side is facing you:
 Slip stitch in between any two dc's:
 and start the ch 3, as indicated in the pattern:
 A different angle:

Continue following the pattern until your rose is done.

If you are using the same colors as the afghan pictures then proceed as follows:

You will have nine colors for the roses.
Make eight centers of each color except Lemon: TOTAL=64
 Take each set of the same colored eight centers and crochet two rounds of petals
in the other eight colors that are different than the center.

That's difficult to explain so here it is explained in a different way,
that may make it clear as mud. ;-)

Here are three sets of the eight roses.
Each set of eight has the same colored center and
then the other eight colors (because there are nine total) are the outer two rows of petals.
In this photo, the three sets of centers are (from top to bottom):
Spring Green

and the outer two rows of petals are (from left to right):
Soft Peach (or Candy Floss)
The last two columns are different because the middle
 would have ended up as the same color as the petals,
 if I would have continued this same thought pattern.
I hope this explains why you need nine colors for eight squares.
You will need to leave out one center color though,
I left out Lemon, although the first photo shows one - it was an accident, oops.
I choose Lemon because it was pretty close to Citron.
(They even sound like the same color: same fruit - different language. ;-) )
But of course Lemon will be used for the outer petals for eight of the roses,
each with a different colored center (except a Lemon center, hehe.)
Ooooo, my mouth puckers.

This was my way of ensuring that I mixed up the colors as much as possible.
The end result of the afghan does not have a specific color pattern to it -
it's random, but I was concerned that I would start repeating the combinations
that I liked best if I didn't have a method to mix it up. :-)

On a different note, I adjusted the first row of petals by adding a triple crochet
 before and after each chain that is the top of the petal, 
which made the petal a bit longer and wider,
I don't know if I love it, but you could try it and see what you think,
or stick with the original pattern.
I kind of wish I would have stuck with the original,
but you may like the variation. I was thinking it would make it fluffier,
but it may not have needed any extra fluff.
Play around with it and see what you can come up with.

When you are finished you will have 64 roses, as this afghan will be 8 x 8 granny squares,
and there will not be two roses alike (unless you want it that way - which is really pretty too!)
I think that was the most difficult part to explain.

Good luck this week!
In the past, these roses have been made by some speedy crocheters (in one color)
in less than five minutes (two colors would take longer).
See this post for details on what's possible, but not necessarily recommended -
this should be a leisurely and enjoyable activity, right?
But there may be some of us that have the need for speed.
As a reference point see Cogaroo's speedy rose making in under five minutes here!
She is the reigning crocheted rose speed champion.
She has awesome crochet blog, too, currently sporting a free crochet doll pattern
 for Cinderella's pink dress. Very pretty.
At that speed, nine roses could be done in less than an hour a day
and multiply that by seven days (with 10 roses the last day)
 and the roses are done.
Then you will be ready for Step 3 when it comes out next Friday, May 15th.

Let me know if you have any questions;
otherwise I will see you next week
for the 

P.S. Please let me know if you have any photos you want to share and I will post them.
Please email them to
Also see appleblossomdreams on Instagram.


  1. it's going to be lovely Astei I can't wait to see the progress of those who are joining in, I never did beat my best of 9 minutes disgraceful! :) xx

  2. Awesome! I never thought to make the roses two-toned. Thanks, Astri :-) I'll work on mine this week and try to get them all made before Friday; I'm still at a dismal 7 minutes for each rose in one color.

    1. Holy moly, seven minutes is excellent! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  3. I love the two-colored roses! I was planning to make mine all single colored, but after seeing the pictures I've decided to mix it up a bit. :) Thank you for the tutorial on the multi-colored center; it really helped. I'm using the Lucy yarn pack with 17 colors, and now I'm wondering if I'll have enough green to do all the leaves...especially since I want to make a bigger afghan! How many skeins did you need for the leaves?

    Thank you so much for doing this CAL, Astri! :D

    1. Hi Cogaroo! So glad you are participating! I used one skein of
      green and had leftovers. Oh the Lucy yarn pack will be amazing! I LOVE her colors!

  4. Hi Astri! I'm not resisting making new roses! I'm using lots of Styecraft leftovers in colours that take my fancy! I have no babies that are on the way in the family, so I might just make a bigger blanket! I've been keeping to one colour for the roses as they take less time and I rather like them in one colour too!

    1. It's a great stashbusting project isn't it Sandra? You have such an eye for color that it will surely be fabulous!


  5. Astri, I just did a two-toned rose and I'm darned well hooked! It's such fun to do, so.... I'm going to incorporate them! I will soon need a plaster on my left index with all the crocheting of roses. I'm working against the clock right now!

    1. Haha take care of that finger Sandra! I know the feeling. :-)

  6. I love this blanket! So little lady like! Unfortunatly I am working from a cellphone for I dont have a computer! Can someone please eimail me the pattern for this project! I Will apresiate it very much! My e-mail adress! Thanks a lot!