Saturday, October 10, 2015

Granny Rose Scarf with Bobbly Trim IIII

Alright, so Wendy and Gillian guessed the right color for the bobbly trim:
Lime or green!
Although with each guess/suggestion, I wished I had used that color, haha!
Thank you all for your comments!
Isn't that the cutest trim?
 It's by Robin Sanchez at Once Upon a Pink Moon.
Click here to go to her lovely site for the free instructions!
It's called the Pom Pom Edge.
Be sure to linger a while you will be delighted!

The Granny Rose pattern can be purchased here.

It looks like a pillow here:
Oh that gives me ideas....

And finally here's the scarf mascot nibbling on the bobbly trim,
Cow says, "Please show them more photos of the finished scarf".
"I will happily do that tomorrow", Astri replies.
"Oh good, I hope you publish a selfie too", she exclaims, 
"and by the way this trim looks like grass but does not taste like grass!"
"I'll have to think about the selfie and I imagine the trim is better than grass", 
Astri says with a big smile on her face,
because she knows how good yarn can be!


  1. It looks fabulous. Go o show us a selfie! Jo x

  2. It's lovely and the trim looks perfect, thank you for the link, I'm looking forward to seeing more photo's and the selfie, I'm hoping cow doesn't nibble away at all of that trim it would be a pity after all the hard work you've put into it. :) xx

  3. Gorgeous scarf Astri. The bobbles look great.


  4. Awesome Astri and yes I agree any of the colours would have made great bobble edgings lol xoxo
    Hello mascot Cow too

  5. Your pom pom trim looks beautiful!! Thanks for having a look at my blog :)