Saturday, December 7, 2019

Norwegian Crocheted Afghan Throw for Built-In Beds

Norwegian Rosemaling Colors Blossom Blanket
for the white washed pine built-in beds by the NVO:
 This throw was modified from the
Blush Blossom Baby Blanket Crochet Patttern.
You can find the pattern on Etsy by clicking here.

The colors were changed to the following Stylecraft Special DK colors:
Storm Blue, Denim, Teal (MC)
Cyprus, Lincoln, Spring Green (Leaves)
Tomato, Lipstick, Buttermilk, Spring Green (Blossoms)

And you can find shops that sell this yarn by clicking here.
I generally shop at Deramores.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the color combinations or placement, 
except that the MC is in blues, the blossoms are in the reds, 
yellow and light green and the greens are the leaves.

The original Blush Blossom Blanket pattern calls for 24 blossoms squares 
with plain granny squares in between, 
but this one is made with ALL blossom squares and plain granny triangles on the edges only.
The border is still a WIP.

My favorite colors for crocheting and decorating!
I am fortunate that my favorite Swedish chain produced bedding in these colors for inspiration.
I'm awaiting a delivery of more yarn to add additional red and blue to the border.
This blanket was to be a stashbuster; however, 
I did have to order three additional skeins of yarn for the border.
Upon receipt of the yarn, and then once the border is done, I imagine the addition of more to the stash; therefore, another stashbuster will be born. 
(Whew, that was a long winded run-on sentence if I've seen/written one!)

The adding and subtracting and then adding to the stash again never ends, 
but that's the way it goes and I'm accepting and embracing it!
Here's to accepting and embracing and



Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Meadowlark's Foot Infinity Scarf | Crochet Pattern

Ooooooooo....just in time for holiday gift making or colder weather.

The Meadowlark's Foot Infinity Scarf has been revisited
 with bright happy desert or dessert colors, if you may...
Scarf with No Border/Edge.

This is my daughter, I am so dang proud I can hardly stand it.
It's snowing and this scarf is keeping her warm.

Scarf with DC cluster border.
(This is a rare selfie, can you imagine how many tries this took 
due to being in the last year of my fifties??? Ack!)
Scarves are good for that neck thing, ya know. 

So how about making one with a little help from
Apple Blossom Dreams?
The crochet pattern that can be found in the

Here are some different versions from the same scarf pattern:
 These two have a shell edge/border.

These two have no edge/border.

The recomended yarns in the pattern can be found by clicking here.

I wish you all the relaxing and fun time to prepare for the holidays.


Monday, December 2, 2019

Poinsettia Crochet Pattern | Color Variations | Cyber Monday Sale

Are you all preparing for the holidays?

So how about some crocheted 
(in a variety of colors)
with a little help from
Apple Blossom Dreams
and the crochet pattern that can be found in the
There are so many possibilities with these festive flowers:

Use as gift toppers for festive candles.

Bunting or Garland

 Laying around looking pretty

Ornaments (or earrings?)

Oh and wouldn't they make a gift bag embellishment?

Or a little gift bag with a few of these as a gift for someone else to decorate their packages.

These flowers are so fun to make, keep and to gift. 
The pattern includes dozens of step-by-step photos, as well as a shortened version 
AND two video links for extra added assistance. 
Once you make a few for yourself you will likely find your friends and family requesting them. 

These were crocheted in Scheepjes Catona yarn.
Clicking here will direct you to where you can purchase this beautiful yarn
that comes in every color imaginable. 

Happy Holidays and