Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beyond Infinity #4

This week I will post a series of Vintage Ripple Infinity Scarves.

Here's # 4:

The pattern is based on an afghan pattern purchased from Churchmouse Yarns.
The pattern can be purchased here.

Crocheted with an "H" hook and Encore Worsted Yarn.

Start with 68 chains and then remove any unneeded chains.
Rows: 70 (every other row is charcoal, the rows between each charcoal rows are from the stash.))
Measures: 50"

This one also qualifies as part of Linda and Ana's stash-buster!

Scarf may be available for purchase. 
If interested, please email and I will list via Etsy.

In hopes that you are all having a wonderful season!


  1. I wish I had your flair with color choices.

  2. Certainly a stash buster. They are really great. Jo x

  3. Hi Astria just perfect and so beautiful, well done. Big hugs to you