Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chevron Infinity Scarf in HDC #3

It's that time of year that I get on a scarf kick.
This year's obsession is with the Chevron.
I will share a scarf with you each day this week,
and post a free pattern and tutorial on Saturday, December 7th.

Chevron Infinity Scarf in HDC #3
 This one was made to go with practically every coat/jacket I own.
It can be wrapped around twice.
And the best's a stashbuster:

Made from leftover yarn from many projects, but mostly this one:
The Winding River Rock Scarf for the NVO.

The colors in the variegated yarn is perfect with the following:

One more chevron scarf tomorrow and then the pattern on Saturday!


  1. It's lovely Astri, you have been busy with your scarf making. :)

  2. It's really pretty, I think this is my favorite one. :)

  3. What a great stash buster! I love how the colours go together, especially that peek of baby blue that accentuates the scarf! I'm also on a scarf kick although I doubt I'm as productive as you. Nothing cosier than a lovely scarf this time of year!

  4. Love this one too. Great color choice.

  5. Elles sont vraiment ravissantes tes ├ęcharpes et de saison !!!!!!!

  6. I love that little pop of blue in the midst of those earthier tones. :)