Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lace Hearts

These beautiful lace hearts were sent to me from a kind and thoughtful friend.
Her name is Sandra, and she lives in Switzerland.
Sandra has a beautiful blog named Reflections and Nature that can be found here,
where the photography and writing is incredible.
More information can be be found on Sandra's blog about additional pretty hearts on this post.

I absolutely love these hearts.
I have several ideas for them...which would involve something in my office...

perhaps, something like this:

or maybe something hanging in the window,
where the sunlight could shine through the lace.

But wherever they land they will be a constant reminder of 
Sandra's amazing talent and caring friendship.

Thank you my friend!


  1. Hi Astri! How well photographed those lacy hearts are! I like the way you arranged the colours! I like the way you've decorated your coloured bins. Yes, they do look nice hanging on a window too, that's were I've put mine!
    Thank you for all your kind words and the link to my blog where I've put up a link for the pattern of the popcorn heart.
    Sandra x

  2. They are beautiful. I will check out Sandra's blog xx

  3. They certainly make things cheerful!

  4. Oh I love the hearts Astri. Beautiful. I see them as a banner hanging in the window.


  5. What beautiful hearts Astri, a lovely gift from Sandra. :)

  6. Such a beautiful and heartfelt gift from half the world away. They would make a pretty bunting.

  7. How very sweet! :)

  8. Very lovely Hearts with stunning colors. You are fortunate to be given such array of beautiful hearts. Hugs Judy

  9. Lovely Astri what a perfect gift for a lovely lady. I am sure that you will create something very special with them. Sandra is a very talented lady and I shall be visiting her blog very soon. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Astri, big hugs as always

  10. I've found that bloggers are the nicest people. Enjoy your pretty little hearts.

  11. Very beautiful hearts, Astri!!:)

  12. The hearts are so pretty and delicate. The colors are gorgeous too!

  13. What a beautiful hearts!! I am definitely gonna have a look at that blog, thanks for sharing!


  14. Beautiful lacy hearts. I just love the rainbow colours.

  15. These hearts are absolutely stunning. Definitely pinning them, I love all the colours xx

  16. The hearts are gorgeous, what a lovely friend.

  17. What a pretty gift! ♥ Thanks for the link, I will visit Sandra's blog :-)

  18. Très jolie finition tout en charme, réussi !!!!!!!!! Ce ne sont pas les idées originales qui te manquent et en plus c'est toujours dans de jolies nuances de teintes.

  19. Søte hjerter:)
    Eg har det berre bra, takk:) Det har vore godt å ha fri frå bloggen ei stund. Eg har gjort alt anna enn å lese bloggar og skrive innlegg. Var ei veke på Tenerife og fekk litt sol på kroppen. Ellers har eg prioritert å trene og å gå på fjellet, lese litt bøker, jobbe i hagen....
    Ha det godt så lenge!