Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rainbow Circle Pillow

In between a lot of this and that...
...I managed to make a 
Rainbow Circle Pillow. :-)
  That's what this one does during binge watching of "House of Cards",
while trying to use up the last of the rainbow and white Red Heart yarn.

Also experimenting with the reverse look.

Circle-in-a-square motif pillow pattern can be found here.
Stuffed with that $1.49 pillow from IKEA, that I love,
although the design shows through.
(That's what happens when one is trying to do too many "this and that's".)
I have not disappeared off the the face of the earth...just on the edge. :-)
I'll be around to visit you all soon...I hope. ;-)

Have a bright day!


  1. Hi Astri,

    This is so beautiful... I love the vibrant color!!

  2. It's really pretty, a perfect way to finish up that yarn.

  3. It's lovely Astri, very pretty :)

  4. The coloured yarn just pops with the white background, I would think the reverse look would be just as stunning, gorgeous make Astri :-)

    Crochet With Linda Dawn x

  5. Rainbows brighten everyone's day! Thank you!!
    Hang on in there!
    Ali x

  6. Lovely and bright and just right for spring!! xx