Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ombre Rainbow Vintage Ripple

I am so excited about this commissioned afghan,
 that's in progress, that I just had to share with you:
I call it "ombre" because each section of color between each row of white is three shades of a similar color.

I used a 4.0 "F" hook and the Vintage Ripple pattern from Churchmouse found here.
It's all Stylekraft Special DK in the follow colors:
(One row of each.)

I think I will continue with several rows of white and then use the same colors
as above, but reverse the order (start with bottle and continue that direction.)

I'll show it to you when I am done. :-)


  1. This is a beautiful afghan! Good job darlin'.

  2. Wow!! It looks great, Astri !! The three gradient colors are giving a perfect shaded effect :)

  3. It's looking just lovely, Astri. I like the similar colours shaded effect too!

  4. It's beautiful Astri, yummy colours all bending together perfect. :)

  5. It is lovely, like the snuggliest kind of rainbow! I hope that the person that you are making it for loves it! xx

  6. Wow! This is gorgeous! Total eye candy...

  7. Oh mercy....I'm in love!
    xo Kris

  8. i am so in love with the vibrant colors. beautiful combo....

  9. Can you share the pattern. Tq
    email me if you want.
    tq so much.

  10. Astri hello!

    Long time not come to visit you ... is the rush that keeps me ..

    you were doing a lot of beautiful! loved this crochet! color this wonderful!

    Rose is well ???

    Kisses Pri