Monday, November 17, 2014

Towel Toppers IV

The other half from yesterday's post:
Just a simple light-blue gingham one.
Towel topper pattern found here.
With a red rose!

That might be it for the towel toppers for a while. :-)


  1. Love the bright red with the blue :-)

  2. Too cute for words!!! Love them!
    xo Kris

  3. Such pretty towel toppers. I love all the colour combinations and can be made to match the kitchen in question. Well done!

  4. Hello,

    Is there a link to the pattern for the towel toppers? These are so cute and would make good last minute Christmas gifts. Well, last minute for crocheting....I think I could whip up a couple :) Thank you.

    1. Aha, just a simple pattern I came up with from looking at towel topper I have at home. I'll see what I can pull together. Stay tuned. :-) They do whip up fast!


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