Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Granny Square Napkin Envelope

Ya' know, in a previous post I mentioned how I did not know if it was appropriate
 to gift a crocheter with a crocheted gift or not.

Well, I'm here to tell you that as far as this crocheter (me) goes it is not only appropriate,
but very well received and appreciated.
 Look at what the lovely Sandra in Switzerland of the
Oh my, you can only imagine my joy and delight in receiving this gift from afar!

 Sandra has carefully coordinated the colors with my home and style,
and she made this incredible photo collage, as well:
She's a talented crocheter and photographer.
  I πŸ’“ it so much!
It's absolutely perfect. 
Thank you so much Sandra!

And to all of you,
thank you for stopping by and 



  1. Dear Astri, how honoured I am to see this crocheted napkin envelope on your blog here!! I am so glad that it's coordinated with your colour scheme and style! I can see a mural in similar colours behind the clock! It was a pleasure making this for you. Thank you for the link back to my blog.
    I always appreciate the lovely patterns you make for us all!

    1. You're welcome Sandra! Thank you again, it was such a thoughtful gift. The mural is a Norwegian wall tapestry. It's been around for a while and I recently reworked the size and colors.

    2. The wall tapestry is beautiful. I'd love to see it close up someitme!