Sunday, November 20, 2011

Norwegian Flag Scarf

A Scarf for Hans in Norway
Who is Hans?
He is my bonus dad, and for additional tidbits, I've written about him here; he's awesome  :-)
He lives in Norway and I thought he might like a scarf for Christmas.
So a "net" search resulted in this;
it reminds me of the Norwegian Flag:
This was a super easy and fast pattern (just alternating single crochets with a chain) from the "Eating Out Loud" website, click here for the pattern and thank you "Eating Out Loud".

Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn with a size J (6.0 mm) hook.

God Jul, Hans!


  1. The Internet is such a boon for crafters. I don't know how I ever managed to make anything in my younger days.

    The scarf is beautiful and classically simple. I'm sure he'll like it.

  2. AWESOME !!!
    Really wonderful...and Beautiful colour combination...:)

  3. Lovely, and I love Charisma yarn. It makes great hats too. Good work.

  4. Oh yes, the internet is a constant stimulus for ideas and inspiration and a great place to share ideas and talents. Thank you all for your inspiring blogs and your lovely comments. My list runneth over. :-)

  5. Nice! I have to show this to my Norwegian colleague who I taught how to crochet this spring. She is totally addicted now making shawls for all her friends and grandma, baby blankets and more. This scarf would be a great gift for a family member of hers I am sure. I like it! Maybe I should make a Swedish version. So dead simple isn't it?

  6. So fun to teach and have someone take off with it, isn't it Annette? And for this firend to be Norwegian too. Yeah! I think a Swedish scarf would be lovely: I love that yellow and blue combination. So very, very simple and quick to make.

  7. Bianco rosso e blu!!! I miei colori preferiti in assoluto!

    1. Yay! I love those colors too! Thanks for stopping by!