Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Back in Black" Ear Warmers

Better Late Than Never?
During our Thanksgiving vacation in AZ , my darling sis-in-law,
asked if I would make head warmers for her friends.
We both agreed that black and white was a safe choice;
however, I have not been able to figure out
how to photograph black crocheted items very well.

I was hoping that I could pull this off for Christmas, but with advent calendering and year-end deadlines at work, it didn't happen until this weekend...
and that included late obsessed weekend nights. ;-)
The NVO was my original model, he started (and ended) with the most manly one, hehe.
Can you imagine if this ear warmer makes him look this good how good it could make
 sis-in-laws' friends look?
Then I was able to round up Little Bug (#6) early this morning
after her own late night escapades.
(College...need I say more?)
Pattern from Youtube video, here.
Same pattern from Youtube video, here.
Same pattern, again,  from Youtube video, here.
Pattern from the "Pardon My Chaos" blog. Click here for link.
This one does not have a button; it is a pull-on style, so it works up quicker.
I was confused on the 2dc I tried it again here:
All were made in Encore classic (worsted weight) - 25% wool 75% acrylic.

Thank goodness for silly movies (Cowboys and Aliens),  late night TV and the NVO snoozin' on the sofa next to me, as I was able to crank them out last night or should I say the wee hours of this morning... I wonder if most sugar addicts are crochet addicts, too? Perhaps it was the classic exchanging of one addiction for another since I have been off sugar for a week now. :-)

A big thank you to the pattern providers and the NVO and Little Bug for modeling.


  1. They're great! Now I want to make some...

    The NVO should always wear crochet flowers. He totally rocks that look. :)

  2. Crocheted flowers on the NVO; I was thinking the same thing! Your comment made him laugh. He's definitely getting in touch with his feminine side.

  3. "Rocking" a look is just perfect for a geologist!
    - NVO