Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stash-Buster #18 - Hats Off To You: 1 of 4

We have had a lot of snow this season,
and it has been so pretty!
In fact, it's snowing today, so some stash-busting slouchy hats 
might be appropriately timed to send off our snowiest month
and a "hurry up and get the winter projects done"
 before Spring arrives.
I had to get creative with the last few scraps for this hat:
I was determined to use every last piece of yarn so that I could move on. :-)
This is what was left of the cotton stash a few weeks ago.
These two cotton hats polish up every last bit of what was left here.

Here's a photo of what was leftover of the cotton stash once the hats were finished:

Don't see anything?...that's because it is gone!!!

Now how weird is this?: 
I am saddened, in a way, because I really want to make more of 
the potholders with the heart-shaped fabric cut-out from this post
but now I am all out of cotton. 
Strange creature these humans;
they do not know what they want!

I'm stash-busting like there's no tomorrow.
Come join along!


  1. I love te hats! Fabulous pattern :-)

  2. Aaah but look at the opportunities that this has opened up for you - that box definitely needs refilling with some of the nicest yarn imaginable! Great hats - always enjoy some creative crochet x Jane

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    1. Whoops sorry. Let's try that again:

      Oh very nice hat! If only it would actually snow here, I might have to make some myself.

      Ha I love the scrap yarn hat; what a nice way to use it all up! Now as Plain Jane said, fill that drawer with more amazing yarn! That's the point of this challenge... right? ;)

  4. Well done on finishing all the cotton Astri, those hats are very pretty, just think of all the lovely things you have made with it. What will you use up next :)

  5. Harika renkler ve şapkalar tebrikler eline sağlık arkadaş görüşmek üzere sevgiler.

  6. Very pretty hats :-) And congrats on using up all your cotton! Pretty soon all your stash will be busted and you can do some major restocking.

    I'm working on your rose challenge; I won't tell you what my time is now because it's pathetic, but I'm getting faster with each one!

  7. Nice hats! I think you are the champion stash-buster ;-) Now you have a good excuse to buy more cotton...

  8. I would agree with Ana...you are the champion stash-buster:) You are already at #18 and I'm still yet to finish my #02! Love looking at all your beautiful finishes...

  9. Oh but the ottoman is now full of my acrylic stash that is on it's way out. Once that is gone I hope to fill it with some yummy new yarn. Next week the acrylic projects will start surfacing. I have been working feverishly on them, even taken them to the gym to work on while I ride the exercise bike. IMHO opinion acrylic is pretty good for only one type of project and i bet you can guess what that is. :-)

    I gotta' keep going on the stash-busting and take advantage of the surge of energy at this point. It could all turn around in one day and then I will want to take naps and drink tea instead.

    Thank you all so much for the comments, they make me feel so good and are so fun to read!

  10. Kjempesøte heklaluer! Tenk at du har klart å bruke alt restegarnet!! Ja, da er det vel bare å kjøpe mer garn da! ;-) Ha ei fortsatt fin uke! :-)

  11. Oh, mais la boite est pratiquement vide, félicitations !! Et je ne doute pas que tu sauras faire quelque chose de magnifique avec les tout petits bouts de laine qui restent :)
    Très bonne journée !!!!!!!!!!