Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stash-Buster #20 - Hats Off To You: 3 of 4

Matching vs Coordinating
For many years I have striven to make things "match".
I have come to the conclusion that "matching" is too much pressure and sort of boring anyhow.
I am now on a "coordinating" quest.
I'll see how that works for me and report back.

This "coordinating" set started with a double strand of the below Mosiac yarn from the stash
 and the Urban Slouchy Hat Pattern from here.
(once again I only went to row 6 for 56 around - row 7 and 72 made it too big)
For this:
It is thick and it is warm!

There was still leftover yarn so...
a scarf was added to the order:
But there was not quite enough yarn so I added the leftovers
 of the Cascade yarn from here:
This color does not "match" any of the colors in the Mosiac yarn; 
however, it might "coordinate".
This is the same crochet stitch and edge pattern that I used for
the Diversity Scarf from this post.
Hmmmm...the scarf still didn't feel long enough;
it was missing something.
Insert: Fringe!
(Both yarns were used in these whimsical tassels, without one strand to spare.)
(It doesn't "match" does it?)

Coordinating is easy with 
Linda and Ana of the:


  1. But is does coordinate! I hate matchy matchy. Scarf and hat are really nice! :)

  2. This is lovely! I really like the colors, makes me think of fall leaves. Coordinating is A+ for this set :)

  3. Great job coordinating looks Fab!

  4. Wow, Astri - impressive! You've surpassed yourself this time! x

  5. I think your ensemble looks amazing Astri!
    Who needs one colour when many co-ordinate?!
    Ali x

  6. The colors are wonderful. A very nice set. Hugs judy

  7. The color choice is wonderful!
    Love it!


  8. Well done Astri it does match and it looks lovely :)

  9. Très bel ensemble en accord de couleurs avec le manteau, très bien !
    Bon soirée !!